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Bounce Finance has partnered with My Neighbor Alice — a multiplayer builder game developed by Swedish game studio, Antler Interactive. The partnership includes NFT marketplaces integration and gamified financial product initiatives.

Bounce supports different auction mechanisms for token trades on Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain. We have also launched our NFT marketplace where users can create and list unique NFTs, participate in auctions. This marketplace provides an infrastructure for My Neighbor Alice to trade in-game assets and creates an innovative venue for users to explore DeFi use cases in the context of games.

About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder-game by Antler Interactive where players build their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities and earn rewards. …

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Our philosophy of decentralized finance is not copying and pasting, forking or competing with already existing DeFi projects, but instead we promote cooperation to build a decentralized finance production line.

The goal of the second stage of Bounce Finance is to integrate and merge with existing DeFi components to improve the overall user experience.

As the leading decentralized auction platform, our first integration will be connecting auctions and the decentralized exchange trading process. We are excited to introduce the Bounce Locked Liquidity Pool.

Bounce Locked Liquidity Pool

In essence, the Locked Liquidity Pool is an improvement of the existing Bounce auctions, where once an auction is finished, a smart contract will automatically create a locked liquidity pool on a DEX (such as Uniswap, Sushiswap or 1inch) and provide liquidity using funds raised in the auction. …

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of NFT Bounce Finance — a marketplace where users can create and list unique NFTs, participate in auctions and commission custom-made art, audio and video.

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We are launching the marketplace based on the multiple requests we have received from our decentralized auction platform users, who found it challenging to participate in built-in NFT auctions, having to fill in the contract address, token ID and all other details manually.

Utilizing Bounce Finance core technology, NFT Bounce marketplace will provide a centralized backend that offers a smooth experience for all parties involved.

NFT platform for audio, video and… more!

One of the main distinctive features of NFT Bounce Finance is that it focuses on both audio and video content. We believe that the market for NFT images is quite saturated at the moment, led by players like OpenSea and Rarible, which is why we chose this approach. Creators can mint NFTs and list music albums, video art, mobile games — the possibilities are endless. …

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We are excited to announce that Bounce Finance has partnered with ROCKI — a blockchain-based music streaming platform that utilizes NFT’s for royalty income rights. The partnership is aimed at collectively exploring the application of NFT’s in the music space.

ROCKI has recently been covered by various media after dance producer Guy J sold the very first NFT representing 50% of his latest track’s streaming royalties for 40 ETH.

ROCKS auction on Bounce

ROCKI is a user-centric music streaming ecosystem that solves the problems of the digital music industry by creating a trustless, low-cost, decentralized music marketplace with near-real-time royalty payments for artists.

On December 23rd, 2020 Bounce will conduct the auction of ROCKS — the ecosystem token of ROCKI which rewards both the artists and listeners. …

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Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction protocol operating on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, is happy to announce our mainnet integration with Chainlink — the market-leading decentralized oracle network. By integrating Chainlink Price Feeds as our primary oracle solution, Bounce is able to reliably and securely determine the outcome of prediction markets, as well as offer transparent and fair exchange rates for assets used within auction offerings.

Bounce Finance is a decentralized auction protocol that unlocks the potential of open finance, combining auction models and tools to build sets of prediction markets. Anyone can create and/or participate in Bounce prediction market pools, with payouts to the winning side based on the user’s proportional stake in the pool and the length of time a staker has taken a position (more rewards going to earlier stakers). …

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The first milestone for Bounce Finance is to build a solid auction market that serves the needs for various types of auctions. The auction market provides an eBay-like platform where you can create and post auctions anytime for anyone to participate in. The Bounce auction market is where supply and demand for scarce assets (such as tokens and NFT’s) meet each other, and reach mass audiences.

Now, we are on the road to the second milestone.

Introducing Bounce Store

In addition to a free and decentralized auction market, we have noticed a growing demand for a designated auction space dedicated to individuals or institutions. …

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We are excited to announce our partnership with KardiaChain, a hybrid blockchain infrastructure for enterprises and governments, to add more NFT and DeFi use cases on the Bounce platform.

KardiaChain recently introduced the Zodiac Trade & Hunt event and the KAI Zodiac Hunger Game, and is currently exploring the addition of more NFT use cases to their product suite. NFT’s can be combined with other use cases, for example in DeFi, to create an unique experience for the users.

To kick off our collaboration, Bounce will enable KardiaChain users and KAI holders to auction rare Zodiac NFT’s on the Bounce NFT auction platform, using various auction formats, such as the recently launched NFT lottery auction, combining NFT and DeFi elements. …

The Bounce Finance platform creates new decentralized ways for making predictions by combining auction models and tools to build sets of prediction models and markets.

The cryptocurrency prediction market is open to everyone to participate or create prediction pools at any time. Bounce prediction markets are designed with focus on ease to use and elegant calculations.

Currently support: BTC, ETH, LINK, COMP, SNX, XRP, JPY,GBP

Bounce prediction engine rewards earlier placed bets

Pool creators can initiate prediction pool as well as participate in the prediction pools themselves.

To create a prediction pool, 3 parameters must be set:

  1. The crypto asset
  2. The time period for placing a bet
  3. A customized pool…

We are excited to introduce Bounce Social verified Pool and you can now create fixed swap pools with social verification for a safer and trusted auction experience.

Decentralization and user protection:

We have tried to solve the issues with scam pools across the Bounce platform while maintaining the spirit of decentralization. From our perspective, It is unfair to prevent creation or ban any pool since we cannot determine the legitimacy of a pool. However, we can use social interaction to bring more trust and social control to a pool. …

$100,000 BOT NFT mining campaign on

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As an NFT-centered project, Bounce has been striving to deliver the best products and collaborate with outstanding peers in the industry. We are glad to announce today that Bounce will launch a series of co-branded NFT with, a modular DeFi platform for stable coin liquidity, flash Loans, decentralized trading, derivatives, insurance, NFT’s and more.

Campaign timeline

  • 7th Nov 2020, Mining rules announced
  • 8th Nov 2020, Auction of exclusive NFTs
  • 9th Nov 2020, NFT mining begins (GigaFactory Nevada)
  • 9th Nov 2020, NFT casting begins
  • 10th Nov 2020, NFT mining begins (GigaFactory Shanghai)

Campaign rules

The Bounce community will create a batch of limited edition & exclusive NFT’s using BOT token. The NFT’s can be auctioned and traded on …


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