San Francisco, March 15th — Bounce Finance announced that it has raised a new funding round. Investors include Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, Fundamental Labs, DHVC, Blockchain Capital, and SNZ capital who have recently invested in Bounce. Raised funds will be used to build an NFT marketplace and ecommerce platform described by the founders as “Shopify for NFTs”.

Launched in mid 2020, Bounce Finance is a decentralized auction protocol that provides a competitive swap environment, unlocking the potential of open finance. Following the increased demand from the community, Bounce is expanding with a separate NFT branch. …

Back in mid 2020, Bounce Finance made a splash in the DeFi industry by launching the first platform for decentralized auctions. It has been widely successful, with over 6,500 auction auctions pools and 700,000 ETH in transaction volume. Our commitment to the values of decentralization have caused major issues, including the growing number of scam projects.

Although we can’t interfere with the pool creation process, we decided to make certain adjustments that would make it easier for users to filter the projects. They became the foundation for Bounce V2 — the decentralized auction platform of the next generation.

While Bounce…

We are excited to unveil the brand new website for Bounce ecosystem! You can now find a comprehensive overview of all Bounce products at page with a refined, fresh design.

Bounce provides a robust suite of products that power the full cycle of decentralized auctions — from minting and selling your NFTs to building a decentralized auction platform of your own:

  • Bounce Auction enables users to trade scarce digital assets in a competitive swap environment, choosing from an array of auctions (Fixed swap, Sealed-bid, Dutch and English auction)
  • Fangible reimagines the NFT market by letting anyone join this creator…

We are happy to announce that NFTB is going to IDO on Bounce Certified on Binance Smart Chain network. This guide will explain the contribution process step by step.

Time: 21st of June 2021

Total allocation: $120,000

Max allocation per wallet: $300

Participant: Whitelist, NO KYC, NO HOLDING REQUIREMENTS.

Bounce Certified is now supporting both Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain network. User scan access both networks through the same domain address:

Step one: Connect to the right chain

To get started, you need to add Binance Smart Chain network into your wallet:

  • Metamask (recommended):
  • Trust Wallet (for more information visit):

Step Two: Requirements

Whitelisting: Please follow…

The wait is finally over —now that Kusama Parachain Slot Auctions dates are revealed and participating projects started their crowdloan campaigns, you can stake KSM in support of your favourite parachains via

While some campaigns are available on centralized exchanges, Bounce is the first marketplace out there that enables you to stake KSM for Kusama crowdloans in a completely decentralized way.

There are currently 7 crowdloan campaigns available on Bounce: Karura, Khala Network, Darwinia, Shiden, Polkasmith, Crust Shadow, and Moonriver. It’s up to you to decide who is deserves to win one of 5 parachain slots! …

As we announced last week, Bounce is the first decentralized platform to host Parachain Slot Auctions on Polkadot and Kusama. To enable our community to participate in decentralized crowdloan campaigns, we are partnering up with Clover — a DeFi infrastructure provider creating an EVM-compatible framework for Substrate‑based applications.

We aim at ensuring smooth multi-chain user experience on the Bounce platform by integrating the Clover Cross-chain Wallet that enables users to connect to dApps on multiple blockchains and view their multi-chain assets at the same time.

Clover’s all-in-one wallet extension provides the opportunity to seamlessly transact between Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Binance…

We are happy to announce that Bounce Finance is entering into a strategic partnership with Automata Network, a decentralized protocol that provides traceless privacy services for dApps. As a part of the partnership, we will integrate Automata Witness — an anonymous voting solution that hides users’ identity and preference for uncompromised privacy and democratic governance.

We are looking to implement Witness in the Bounce ecosystem projects — including the newly launched Binance Smart Chain-based NFT marketplace Fangible — to ensure fair decision making in our community.

Community voting is such a crucial element of sound governance. As our community continues…

We are excited to announce that Bounce is set to become the first decentralized marketplace to host Polkadot and Kusama Parachain slot auction crowdloans.

A Parachain (“parallel blockchain”) is an individual Layer 1 blockchain that runs in parallel with the Polkadot and/or Kusama ecosystem. When connected to the Relay Chain — the Layer 0 multi chain network at the heart of Polkadot — Parachain teams can benefit from its governance, security and interoperability to build a variety of applications and use cases.

At the moment the Polkadot Relay Chain can support only a limited number of Parachains (about 100). With…

We are excited to announce that Bounce is partnering up with FM Gallery to host the NFT platform’s first auctions as well as Special Blindboxes catering to the Binance Smart Chain community. Sealed-bid auctions featuring the artworks by renowned artists Chad Knight, Shan Qiao and Macomoroni will start on on April 23rd (8pm UTC+8).

FM Gallery is an NFT distribution platform that enables users to collect digital art fragments and redeem them for physical artworks, connecting the NFT space with the real world.

As a part of FM Gallery’s debut on Binance Smart Chain, Special BSC Blindboxes — “surprise”…

Bounce is excited to announce its partnership with FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks that strives to empower the world of arts and fashion with innovative art fragments as well as autonomous fan communities. Bounce and FM Gallery share faith in NFT and believe that NFT technology will disrupt the world of arts and fashion, and eventually bring about a decentralized fan economy.

Empowered by both technology integration and marketing collaboration, this partnership will allow FM Gallery and Bounce to introduce the best NFT artwork to the BSC communities through innovative sales and auction models, while enhancing…

An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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