“AI Meets Bitcoin” Ordinals NFT Auction: The Creative Fruit of AI, Art And Bitcoin Technology

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5 min readJan 6, 2024

Bounce Brand, in collaboration with FOUNDO, a Web3-native luxury accessories & digital art brand, proudly unveils the “AI Meets Bitcoin” Ordinals NFT Auction. This landmark auction showcases the first-ever AI-generated Ordinals NFT collection, a magnificent ensemble of 450 artworks, masterfully co-created by three prominent artists: Charlesai, 0009, and RedruM. This “AI Meets Bitcoin” Ordinals NFT collection will be auctioned on Bounce from Jan 6th, 4AM UTC to Jan 9th, 4AM UTC. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this revolutionary auction and explore the creative genius of the artists at its helm.

Introducing “AI Meets Bitcoin” Ordinals NFT Collection

The “AI Meets Bitcoin” Ordinals NFT collection, a tapestry of 450 masterpieces, is born from the confluence of artistic brilliance and technological innovation, woven together by three visionary artists united in their reverence for AI art and Ordinals NFT. This collection stands as a vanguard of artistic evolution, a seamless amalgamation of artificial intelligence, artistic expression, and the robust Bitcoin ecosystem. In this fusion, each artwork transcends mere digital creation, acquiring a distinct identity and narrative deeply etched into the Bitcoin network. This not only assures their perpetual preservation but also elevates their legacy, encapsulating a momentous era where art and technology converge in an unprecedented symphony. It’s a celebration of endurance, identity, and the transformative power of uniting AI, art, and blockchain, heralding a new epoch in the realm of digital artistry.

Auction Rules: How to Participate

This “AI Meets Bitcoin” Ordinals NFT collection will be auctioned on Bounce via an engaging and intuitive auction format known as Random Selection, with an innovative twist in the auction mechanism called “Burning Man”: Here’s how it works:

1. Entry Through Token Burning: Participants can enter the auction by burning $50 worth of one chosen cryptocurrency — options include $AUCTION, $MUBI, $BSSB, $DAII, or $AMMX. Importantly, each participant must commit to burning only one type of these tokens per wallet address.

2. Random Winner Selection: After the token burning, a smart contract will randomly select the winners. Those who choose to burn $AUCTION tokens will enjoy a slightly higher chance of being selected.

3. Auction Platform and NFT Bridging: The entire auction process will be conducted on the Ethereum mainnet. As an added technological feature, 400 of the NFTs from this collection will be transferred from their original BRC format to ERC, using the MultiBit NFT bridge. This means each winning bidder will receive two versions of their NFT — the original BRC721 version and a new ERC721 version, tradable at NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

The tokens burnt for entry are not refundable if you don’t win. This process of burning tokens upon entry symbolizes a commitment to the value and scarcity of Ordinals NFT.

Auction Details:

Auction Period: Jan 6, 4AM UTC ~ Jan 9, 4AM UTC

Auction Page: https://app.bounce.finance/launchpad/ai-random

Auction Network: Ethereum

Ticket Price: $50

Token Amount Per Ticket: 1.2 $AUCTION / 250 $MUBI / 18 $BSSB / 50 $DAII / 17500 $AMMX

Number of Entry Tickets: 20000

Number of NFTs/Winners: 400

Limit Per Wallet: 1 ticket

Artists’ Background

CharlesAI: Pioneering French AI NFT Artistry

CharlesAI, a trailblazer in the French AI NFT art scene, has seamlessly merged traditional artistic elements with cutting-edge technology. His journey began with a showcase at the prestigious MoCa Gallery, sparking widespread recognition for his innovative works. From the IHAM Art Gallery in Paris to the Fauve Auction House and the European AI Art Exhibit in Nice, CharlesAI’s art has transcended boundaries, shaping the landscape of NFT art in France. His harmonious blend of tradition and innovation inspires fellow artists to explore the limitless possibilities of AI NFT.

0009: Urban Narratives in Digital Art

Originating from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, 0009 (Chris Maestas) has transformed his experiences as a graffiti writer and skateboarder into captivating digital art. His early roots in graffiti and skateboarding culture laid the foundation for his unique perspective. Venturing beyond the physical boundaries of urban life, 0009's evolution into a multidimensional artist is marked by a fusion of street art aesthetics and sophisticated design elements. His ability to paint dreams and nightmares resonates in his surrealist scenes, capturing the essence of a city in flux.

RedruM: Painting Dreams with AI Precision

From the heart of Italy, RedruM emerges as a digital artist who, through the power of AI, weaves narratives between dreams and nightmares. Born in 1993, RedruM’s journey into digital art began as a hobby in 2022, coinciding with the accessibility of AI art tools. His distinctive use of the color red, filtering his creations under a unique lens, has become a hallmark of his work. Beyond his roots as a graffiti artist and skateboarder, RedruM’s contributions to the contemporary art scene are marked by powerful storytelling and inspiration drawn from films, literature, music, manga, mythology, and everyday life.

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