Auction Smart Contract Upgrades: A More Secure & User Friendly Experience

Dear Bounce Community,

We have received a lot of feedback and questions regarding certain auction pools. As we are currently developing V3, we wanted to let you know that we are aware of the issues and are working to improve the protocol. Our primary focus for V3 is to enhance the user experience and protect our users during auctions.

One of the benefits of the Bounce decentralized auction system is its permissionless nature, which allows anyone to create and participate in auctions. However, this feature has also been exploited by malicious actors in the past. In V3, we plan to maintain the decentralization and permissionless nature of our system, but we are also implementing several measures to mitigate the impact of bad actors and improve user protection. These features include:

If you have any additional ideas for improving the user experience and protection, please fill out this form:

(We greatly appreciate and value any suggestions you may have.)

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