BOT Mining on Binance Smart Chain

To improve the cross-chain capability of Bounce Finance and solve the high gas costs for interacting with Bounce, we integrate with Binance Smart Chain and enable BEP20 tokens swaps. You can visit through This means Bounce Finance now is a hybrid system that lives both on the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain. The idea is to provide a general framework for all devs to build Bounce utility on many different networks.

Binance Smart Chain daily reward

Currently, Bounce Finance distributes 64 BOT tokens on a daily basis to reward people who make valid transactions, provide liquidity/stake Uniswap LP tokens, and vote for proposals (Governance will be live soon). The daily reward distribution will be divided into
1. Mining (number of valid transactions per cycle), which will share 60% of the daily rewards.
2. Governance voting, which will share 20% of the daily rewards when it goes live.
3. Uniswap liquidity provider tokens staking, which will share 20% of the daily rewards.
(Before governance voting is live, the 20% governance allocation will still be distributed for mining)

30% of the mining allocation (which is 15.36 BOT per day) will be allocated to Bounce’s Binance smart chain daily rewards, and this percentage can be changed by governance. The reward distribution will be based on the number of transactions (swaps) in each cycle. Each cycle begins from Day 1 UTC 00:00 to Day 2 UTC 00:00. The number of transactions will be counted towards daily reward distribution if the value of a transaction is greater or equal to 50 BNB.

There will be 0.25% Bounce transaction fees charged for swaps on Binance Smart Chain and the transaction fees will be sent directly to the staking pool. The transaction fee is deducted from pool creators, not pool participants. The transaction fee staking functionalities will be live a few days after the Bounce daily reward distribution starts and transaction fee rewards will be accumulated in the staking contracts before staking starts. Click here to see the transaction fee staking policy

Cross-chain BOT swap (between ERC20 and BEP20)

Currently, Binance Smart Chain does not enable cross-chain asset swap so that BOT holders cannot swap from ERC20-BOT to BEP20-BOT. As a result, we issued BEP20-BOT for temporary uses for mining and transaction fee stakings. Token holders will need to redeem the temporary BOT (BEP20) for the real BOT(BEP20) when a cross-chain asset swap is available, and we will make another announcement with details about redemption. The total supply (220,000) of BOT will not increase due to cross-chain asset swaps. All the temporary BOT (BEP20) will be put into the mining contract and a person can only get from transaction mining for now.

The temporary BOT (BEP20) token contract address is 0x48DC0190dF5ece990c649A7A07bA19D3650a9572

The BOT (ERC20) token contract address is
0x5beabaebb3146685dd74176f68a0721f91297d37 BNB daily reward guide

Go to

Add the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask wallet, simply follow these steps:

1. In your MetaMask, click the menu which is set to “Main Ethereum Network” by default. In the dropdown click “Custom RPC”.

2. A form will appear, where you need to fill in certain parameters to connect to the Binance Smart Chain network.

3. Fill in the following parameters:
* Network name: Binance Smart Chain
* New RPC URL:
* ChainID: 56
* Symbol: BNB
* Block Explorer:

4. Now switch in the menu from Mainnet Ethereum Network to Binance Smart Chain and you will see the default currency change from ETH to BNB.

The daily reward distribution is based on the number of valid transactions a wallet swaps on the platform. The number of transactions will be counted towards daily reward distribution if the value of the transaction is greater or equal to 50 BNB.

The calculation of liquidity mining is as followed:

From Day 1 UTC 00:00 to Day 2 UTC 00:00, there are 100 transactions in total being successfully swapped across all bounce pools.
Mr. Bounce successfully swapped 10 transactions during this period. Mr. Bounce then owns 10% of Day 1’s BOT daily token reward.
At Day 2 UTC 00:00, 10% of day one’s BOT token reward will be delivered to Mr. Bounce. Mr. Bounce needs to claim the reward. Mr. Bounce needs to pay for the transaction gas fee for claiming BOT tokens.
Mr. Bounce has time from Day 2 UTC 00:00 to Day 3 UTC 00:00 (basically 24 hours) to claim his reward generated from Day 1 UTC 00:00 to Day 2 UTC 00:00.
If at day three UTC 00:00, Mr.Bounce does not claim his token reward generated from Day 1 UTC 00:00 to Day 2 UTC 00:00, his token reward will be burned forever.
It is not only about farming and enjoying your free tokens! You need to claim the reward!

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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