Bounce and DEGO partnership boosting cross-chain NFT communities

We are now live for a little over 3 months in which we have focussed very much on platform utility, governance, user experience and tokenomics to create a user friendly and fully decentralized token sales and NFT auction protocol.

Recently our focus has been on creating decentralized auction processes for NFTs on Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain, to increase freedom and possibilities for NFT artists as well as traders/collectors.

We have created various NFT auction types, in addition to the classic Dutch auction, we offer users the possibility to auction off their NFT’s in and English auction, sealed bid and recently also a lottery format.

To expand our reach and add value for our users, we are looking for meaningful collaborations within the space. Today we present our partnership with DEGO finance, a modular DeFi platform serving both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain users.

We are working on launching our first NFT campaign together, please stay tuned for details in our next post.

About DEGO

DEGO adopts a modular approach to DeFi, combining various elements to create a complete system with multiple functions and performance.

Inspired by LEGO, each product can be regarded as a module, which can be combined with other modules to create a new product to add additional value for the user.

With DEGO, users can create diversified investment portfolios and generate substantial financial returns by utilizing and combining modules for stable coin liquidity, flash Loans, decentralized trading, derivatives, insurance, NFT and more, all accessible through one platform.

The DEGO platform is built on Ethereum, but is also available on Binance Smart Chain, combining low gas fees with super fast transactions.

Check out the DEGO platform for Ethereum on and for Binance Smart Chain on

Where to find us?




An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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