Bounce and KardiaChain join forces to enhance NFT use cases and much more!

We are excited to announce our partnership with KardiaChain, a hybrid blockchain infrastructure for enterprises and governments, to add more NFT and DeFi use cases on the Bounce platform.

KardiaChain recently introduced the Zodiac Trade & Hunt event and the KAI Zodiac Hunger Game, and is currently exploring the addition of more NFT use cases to their product suite. NFT’s can be combined with other use cases, for example in DeFi, to create an unique experience for the users.

To kick off our collaboration, Bounce will enable KardiaChain users and KAI holders to auction rare Zodiac NFT’s on the Bounce NFT auction platform, using various auction formats, such as the recently launched NFT lottery auction, combining NFT and DeFi elements.

Bounce and KardiaChain will further work together to launch more NFT auction campaigns on the Bounce platform.

Tri Pham, CEO of KardiaChain stated: “We are aiming at a complete ecosystem for our NFTs. With this partnership, KardiaChain is coming closer to the one-stop shop for NFT-enthuiastics where they can craft, trade, hunt, and swap NFTs. Furthermore, they can also exchange with partners and auction them off to buy/sell on the marketplace. This will be part of the promising feature DeFi Wealth Management in our KAI Membership app.”

But this partnership will also support technical integrations to further enhance the user experience on our platform, for example by dynamically integrating tokens from other blockchains with KardiaChain’s Dual Node technology.

With the Dual Nodes technology, we can form non-invasive cross chain communication in the most efficient and affordable way to expand our network and user base across multiple blockchains. For Cross-chain compatibility, thanks to BEP-3, atomic swaps are enabled with Ethereum. Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain have native cross-chain communication as well. This will open more opportunities for both projects to work together.

KardiaChain is a public blockchain platform focused on interoperability and providing hybrid blockchain solutions/infrastructure for enterprises and governments in Vietnam and other countries in South & East Asia.

KardiaChain is working with major services providers (enterprises and government) to decentralize their existing solutions. Their Dual Node technology allows cross-chain communications between any public and/or private blockchain regardless of protocol. This provides easy-to-adopt solutions for institutional clients.

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