Bounce Certified Binance Smart Chain User Guide

We are happy to announce that Antimatter is hosting a cross-chain IDO through Bounce Certified on Binance Smart Chain network. This is the first Binance Smart Chain offering on Bounce Certified platform.

Time: Feb 27th 2021

Total allocation: 12500 USD

Max allocation per wallet: 100 USD

Participant: Whitelisting+ Holding 60 auction in the wallet on either Ethereum network or Binance smart chain network

Bounce Certified is now supporting both Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain network. User scan access both networks through the same domain address:

In this material you will find the instructions on how to participate in Bounce Certified sale through Binance Smart Chain.

Step one: Connect to the right chain

To get started, you need to add Binance Smart Chain network into your wallet:

Step Two: Requirements

KYC: You only need to pass KYC on Ethereum network and Bounce will mirror address to BSC. There is no need to pass KYC on BSC again (Antimatter does not require KYC at all).

AUCTION holder: To make it easy for token holders, we mirror balance across two networks so that you are qualified to be AUCTION holder on BSC if you only hold AUCTION on Ethereum network.

Whitelisting: Please follow Antimatter whitelist rules.

Participating in an ongoing sale

Note that the ongoing sale is different when you connect to different chains. Make sure that you are on the right chain!

1. Visit

2. Connect wallet to BSC Chain

3. You will see the auction pool in the active sales section. Click Join auction

(all screenshots are for demonstration purposes. onlyThe numbers might be wrong)

4. You will see the following page. Make sure to check all the terms and maximum allocation per wallet, then enter your bid amount and click Go.

5. Your will need to interact with your MetaMask and pay gas fee for token swap. At the time of writing, the gas fee is around $15.

6. You will receive a success message when you get into the auction.

7. Refresh your page and you will see a Claim Tokens button. There will be a timer on the button to guide you how much time is left until you can claim your tokens. The claim time is set by the project.

8. Click Claim Tokens when the countdown is finished, and your tokens will arrive into your wallet.

Find Bounce here

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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