Bounce Certified | SubDAO ($GOV) on Nov. 3rd, 12PM to Nov. 4th, 12PM UTC

Bounce Certified will hold a fixed swap auction for SubDAO ($GOV) on Nov. 3rd.

How to join

  1. Link:
  2. Duration: 12PM, Nov. 3rd — 12PM, Nov. 4th, UTC
  3. Pool size: 600,000 GOV = 90,000 USDT
  4. Price per token: 0.15 USDT / GOV
  5. Release schedule: 50% on TGE (Dec. 4th) and 50% 3 months after TGE; trading starts on Dec. 4th
  6. Chain: ERC20
  7. Hard cap per wallet: 300 USDT
  8. Rules: SubDAO certified sales will be held in two pools, one for whitelisted community members (total size: $60,000; see whitelisting rules as the link below), and another for AUCTION holders (total size: $30,000; participants must hold at least 30 $AUCTION).

An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.