Bounce & DEGO NFT campaign announcement

$100,000 BOT NFT mining campaign on
3 min readNov 7, 2020


As an NFT-centered project, Bounce has been striving to deliver the best products and collaborate with outstanding peers in the industry. We are glad to announce today that Bounce will launch a series of co-branded NFT with, a modular DeFi platform for stable coin liquidity, flash Loans, decentralized trading, derivatives, insurance, NFT’s and more.

Campaign timeline

  • 7th Nov 2020, Mining rules announced
  • 8th Nov 2020, Auction of exclusive NFTs
  • 9th Nov 2020, NFT mining begins (GigaFactory Nevada)
  • 9th Nov 2020, NFT casting begins
  • 10th Nov 2020, NFT mining begins (GigaFactory Shanghai)

Campaign rules

The Bounce community will create a batch of limited edition & exclusive NFT’s using BOT token. The NFT’s can be auctioned and traded on

  • Auction start: 1 PM pm UTC, 8th Nov 2020.
  • Auction items: 10 exclusive BOT NFT’s- LV6
  • Auction Mechanism: English auction

For this campaign, DEGO has opened their newly developed product, DEGO Foundry, where all users can craft NFTs. Apart from the BOT NFT- LV6 that are limited, users can deposit any amount of BOT tokens and consume 1 DEGO token to mint their very own BOT NFT and participate in NFT Mining.

  • NFT casting start: 1 PM UTC, 9th Nov 2020
  • Random casting grade: LV1-LV5
  • Token accepted: BOT
  • Casting par value: 0.1 ≥ X ≤ 2 BOT
  • Casting cost: 1 DEGO
  • Decomposition Cycle: 30 days to unlock

Here’s how to cast a BOT NFT in detail, Each BOT NFT Grade represent different Mining Power. Users can assess their return based on NFT Mining Power table below.

Power = BOT Par Value * Mining Efficiency

Bounce has donated $100,000 in BOT tokens to set up two BOT mines for DEGO NFT Mining. Users can stake the BOT NFT they casted, bought or won into the Gigafactory 1&2 mining pools to mine BOT tokens.

GigaFactory Nevada

  • Mining begins: 1 PM UTC, 9th Nov 2020
  • Total amount of pool: $20,000 worth of BOT
  • Only DEGO NFTs are eligible to join

GigaFactory Shanghai

  • Mining begins: 1 PM UTC, 10th Nov 2020
  • Total amount of pool: $80,000 worth of BOT
  • Only BOT NFTs are eligible to join

All rewards will be distributed over 30 days(1/30 each day). 10% of the reward will be deducted if harvested within 3 days after mining.

Each address is allowed to stake up to a total value of 2 BOT. Any amounts exceeding the value of 2 BOT on one address will not be counted. So any address with over 2 BOT value will only count for 2 BOT.

Find more details on how to mine DEGO NFT’s in this article:

Check out the DEGO platform for Ethereum on and for Binance Smart Chain on

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