Bounce Ecosystem Road Map & Updates
8 min readJul 28, 2022


Dear Bounce Community,

Today we are writing to update you all on what we have been working so hard on for the past two years and to give more details regarding our vision for the future of Bounce.

Undoubtedly, crypto market conditions have deteriorated significantly which has led to frustration and feelings of resentment towards DeFi projects and even crypto as a whole. There have been bad actors and scams, but while things may feel glum and doomy today, it is times like these when the true winners and powerhouses of future “cycles” are built. For this reason, unlike many participants and builders within the space, we have not given up on our mission but instead, “doubled down” on our conviction in the future of both Bounce and crypto as a whole. We are excited to share more about the development of our ecosystem which we envision as a “full stack” powerhouse driving the next wave of growth for Bounce. We look forward to hearing your feedback and answering questions from community members.

Bounce Ecosystem Road Map & “Metaverse Center”

We have devoted the past two years to expanding our marketplace offerings through the Auction Platform, Metalents and Fangible. In doing so, we have built out the pieces for our larger vision: merging each distinct platform together to build a comprehensive, integrated & “full-stack” Web3 giant that serves all types of on-chain Web3 participants. Essentially, we will focus on combining each of our platforms and housing them within the same “Metaverse Center.” In doing so, all aspects of the Bounce ecosystem will be integrated and more immersive, ultimately providing the best on-chain experience for users. Participants will be able to: build NFT projects leveraging our freelance marketplace, launch projects using our native auction platform, and enhance their project with customized game experiences within one immersive Metaverse experience. For two years we have been building the pieces and today we are ready to put them all together and create a “mega-platform” for Web3 users to capitalize on each of our powerful marketplaces.

Bounce Auction Platform

Today, Bounce’s Auction platform is self-sustaining. We have cemented our platform as the premier decentralized and trustless auction platform within the Web3 space. Since the ICO era, users have been able to use our Auction Platform to design and run their own auctions as they trade scarce digital assets in competitive swap environments. Auctions are customizable and can be run in a variety of different ways to enhance your desired auction environment, including: OTC/private sales, automatic executions, contingencies, permission-less and the ability to be run with on-chain governance.

Our team’s experience running Bounce’s dominant smart contract-driven Auction Protocol has given us an unmatched level of expertise in this field. Further, we are in a strong position to continue to build out and expand our marketplace offerings which is why we have ventured into the “on-chain“ freelancing market with Metalents, Fangbile for NFT’s and digital art and a new project revolving around on-chain gaming (more on this below).


Since the beginning of 2022 we have been building out our Web3 freelance marketplace, Metalents. Metalents is designed to become the “Upwork” or “Fiverr” for freelance talent within crypto. Although it is still quite early for decentralized projects, which are built “on-chain”, to gain mass adoption, the need for a Web3 based freelancing platform is obvious and will eventually be realized by market participants.

Today, Metalents gives crypto native companies a way to spend their on-chain assets and hire crypto native talent who are more capable of servicing Web3 companies (Crypto Twitter Management, NFT design, Smart Contract Work, Blockchain Design) than traditional freelancers. Metalents freelancers are more familiar with the Web3 ecosystem and infrastructure. From a freelancer’s point of view, Metalents has lower fees than traditional platforms and allows contractors to get started earning without extensive KYC restrictions which often plague traditional platforms and restrict many overseas workers from capitalizing on their skills. Furthermore, with Metalents, freelancers can build an “on-chain” reputation, accruing NFTs for each completed project certifying “proof of completion”. Smart contract based freelancing and commerce within Web3 reduces the need for intermediaries; Metalents’ smart contracts act as escrows protecting both buyers and sellers from fraud and uncompleted work, only unlocking after the project is complete.

During the recent market downturn, layoffs have devastated crypto builders and companies. For crypto builders who have recently lost their jobs, we’d like to support and invite you to join the Metalents freelancer talent pool to get back to contributing in the industry.

For companies looking to extend their runways in the bear market, hiring a short term contractor as opposed to a full time employee can be much more capital efficient. We strongly believe that Metalents will be a platform that will fuel the next stage of growth within crypto, especially as the space focuses less on speculation and trading, and more on building real products.


Fangible is another important part of the larger Bounce ecosystem. Fangible is a platform where you can buy, sell and manage your NFT’s. Our focus with Fangible has been to reduce entry barriers and limitations that come with elevated transaction fees, especially on Ethereum based NFT platforms. Fangible was the first NFT platform to take a “chain agnostic” approach and support “multi-chain” usage. Today, the Fangible marketplace enables artists to create their own brand pages where they can showcase and sell their artworks directly to the community as well as providing the tools for consumers to trade their digital assets freely, creators to launch new digital works, and developers to build rich, integrated marketplaces and experiences for their digital assets.

Customizable Blockchain Games

We are excited to start working on another project at Bounce around on-chain gaming and betting. “On-chain” crypto gambling and/or “play to earn” gaming is a huge catalyst for our future growth. Gaming is also a popular gateway for future crypto adoption. In fact, this may onboard the next wave of users to the Bounce ecosystem more in the short term than freelancing or NFT trading. The idea behind the project is simple and similar to how users utilized Bounce’s auction protocol in the ICO era. We see this unnamed project as becoming the go-to game creation platform within crypto. The platform will enable users to launch, develop, grow and play their own configurable interactive games with friends- all without needing to code!

If you are interested in, for example, betting on games of chess with friends but want to launch your own game to a wider audience, our platform will enable you to do so. Using the platform, users will be able to seamlessly take advantage of and customize our prebuilt games and tailor them to their needs. Further, users can play and wager crypto within the platform’s ecosystem of games for prizes which can be redeemed within Bounce’s Metaverse Center. We are just starting development on this project and are excited to update you all with more progress as we continue to build and finalize the platform.

Metaverse City

In an effort to onboard more users into the Bounce ecosystem, we have also been working alongside AnythingWorld to develop Bounce’s “Metaverse City”- this is what we see as being the centerpiece of Bounce’s future and giving us a virtual homebase to bridge each of our into products a single, immersive experience. Having the entire Bounce ecosystem housed within one metaverse gives our users the opportunity to explore all the tools Bounce has to offer. When this “merge” (if you will) is complete, Bounce will have built the first “full suite” of powerful, seamlessly interconnected Web3 projects providing utility for all different users in the crypto space.

Within our Metaverse Center, we are also building the following sections to enhance the experiences within each smaller Bounce project. Below some short summaries are listed (keep in mind these are still in development):

  • “Workshops”: a large component of our metaverse will be built around “Workshop City”. Within the city, users will be given their own spaces or “workshops” to use as they wish!
  • For a freelancer on Metalents, the workshop may be used to showcase prior projects and works of art and/or NFTs as well as to complete the hiring and interview process in a virtual manner.
  • Users of Fangible may use their workshop space as a way to showcase their works of art and to attract buyers and hype for project launches- doing so in the metaverse is a much more immersive launch process!
  • For our upcoming gaming project, workshops may be used as an area to build, launch and attract users to play their blockchain based games!
  • As for our staple Auction Platform users, workshops may be used to host and launch auctions in a more immersive, virtual environment as opposed to the traditional way of doing so on the web.

The exciting part is that users can also use their personal space for a combination of any and all of these cases!

  • “Playground”: Our Metaverse Center will feature a playground of sorts. Within this section of our virtual world, users will be able to roam freely and play around as they wish! In fact, users will be able to control objects within this space with their voice! For example, users will be able to speak directly into their devices and control what is inside this metaverse area .Users can also ask for things like dogs and bouncy balls to be added into the room to play around with friends. It’s a neat concept we plan to continue to explore creatively. For more details and video demonstrations of our Beta product in use please feel free to check out our Twitter accounts (@metalentshq and @bounce_finance).
  • “Games”: Within the Games section of our Metaverse Center, users will be able to play games designed by Bounce through our latest project.
  • “Art Gallery”: Within our virtual world the art gallery will be a space for all creators to showcase their works of art. Users will be able to promote their works, explore new collections and experiment in our Bounce themed room which features popular NFT collections like Crypto Punks, Bored Apes, Doodles and more built into our voice control technology! Don’t like the NFT collection on the walls? Ask for your favorite project instead! The walls will magically switch from, for example, Doodles to Crypto Punks if you ask for it!
  • “Mall”: Within the Mall, users will be able to cash out their “play to earn” winnings from our gaming experience into prizes as well as outfit their Metaverse City avatars in the shopping section!


As the roadmap progresses, utility for $AUCTION will continue to increase and play a larger role within the Bounce Ecosystem. The $AUCTION token is not confined to our Auction Platform and will also be the utility token for our upcoming Metaverse.



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