Bounce Finance Integrates Fantom: Unleashing Fast, Secure and Cost-Effective Decentralized Auctions

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3 min readMay 26, 2023


Bounce Finance, a leading decentralized auction protocol, is thrilled to announce the integration of Fantom, a highly-scalable and secure smart contract platform. This strategic move marks another significant milestone for Bounce Finance in its mission to provide Auction as a Service and fulfill the growing demand for decentralized auctions across multiple blockchain ecosystems. By integrating Fantom, Bounce Finance users will benefit from nearly instant transaction speeds, minimal transaction fees, and top-notch security.

Introducing Fantom

Fantom is a permissionless, scalable, and secure smart contract platform designed to overcome the limitations of traditional blockchain systems. Combining advanced technologies such as the aBFT consensus algorithm, Fantom offers a decentralized platform that can handle thousands of transactions per second while maintaining robust security and decentralization. With a strong focus on interoperability, Fantom enables seamless integration with various blockchain networks, fostering a thriving ecosystem for developers and users alike. As an EVM-compatible network, Fantom offers a familiar development environment for Ethereum developers, making it a preferred choice for building and deploying a wide range of decentralized applications, including those in the DeFi and NFT sectors. Fantom is also environmentally friendly as the entire network consumes less electricity than the average US household

Introducing Bounce Finance

Bounce Finance is a decentralized auction protocol that empowers users to create and participate in diverse types of auctions across multiple blockchain networks. With a strong focus on Auction as a Service, Bounce Finance offers a seamless, transparent, and secure auction experience with a wide range of products, including Token & NFT Auctions, Real-World Collectible Auctions, Ad Space Auction, and SDKs & Plug-Ins. Recently, Bounce Finance has also introduced Private Launchpad services, an on-chain solution designed to streamline IDOs for new projects. Leveraging the transparency and efficiency of on-chain auctions, Bounce Finance is committed to providing comprehensive support and state-of-the-art services to promising projects, facilitating their growth and success.

Bounce Finance users can now create and participate in decentralized auctions on the Fantom network through the dApp Bounce V3. The integration of Fantom demonstrates Bounce Finance’s commitment to addressing the diverse needs within the rapidly expanding digital asset market, and to providing users with various benefits that ensure a seamless and rewarding auction experience.

Nearly Instant Transaction Speed

One of the key advantages of the Fantom network is its lightning-fast transaction speed. Built on aBFT consensus, Fantom enables near-instant transaction processing, which significantly reduces waiting times for users. This means that Bounce Finance users can now participate in auctions and execute trades with unparalleled speed and efficiency, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Low Gas Fees

Another significant benefit of integrating Fantom is the substantially lower transaction fees. With transaction fees at $0.01 or less, Bounce Finance users can now engage in various auction activities without worrying about gas fees. This, in turn, encourages broader participation in the platform and fosters a more inclusive and frictionless auction ecosystem.

Robust Security Features

Fantom puts security at the forefront of its design, offering a robust and trustless environment for users. The Proof of Stake mechanism secures the network against various attacks, such as Sybil attacks, and is upheld by validators and delegators spread across the globe. Furthermore, the leaderless consensus ensures that no validator node plays a special role, providing an additional safeguard against a faulty node. The network’s design also ensures that transactions are finalized and irreversible with a single confirmation, eliminating the risks associated with forks and chain reorgs. By integrating Fantom, Bounce Finance strengthens its commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for users to engage in decentralized auctions.

The integration of Fantom with the Bounce Finance protocol represents a crucial advancement in our pursuit to provide Auction as a Service, the ultimate decentralized auction experience for our users. Leveraging Fantom’s near-instant transaction speed, minimal fees, and strong security features, Bounce Finance sets a new benchmark in the decentralized auction space. We are excited to embark on this journey together with Fantom and look forward to exploring further possibilities to elevate and expand our platform.

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