Bounce Finance + Polygon zkEVM = Cutting-edge Benefits For Auction Participants
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Bounce Finance + Polygon zkEVM = Cutting-edge benefits for auction participants

Bounce Finance is proud to be the first auction protocol to support Polygon zkEVM, a groundbreaking technology that marries the security and trustlessness of zero-knowledge (zk) rollups with the usability of an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This partnership is yet another demonstration of our commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies to keep costs low and efficiency high for our users.

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform, introduced its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) mainnet beta on March 27. The Polygon zkEVM leverages the advanced capabilities of zero-knowledge proofs to significantly reduce transaction costs and substantially enhance throughput, all while maintaining the robust security inherited from Ethereum. To access the Polygon zkEVM, visit (Chain ID: 1101, token symbol: ETH, blockchain explorer at

Here are some of the benefits Bounce Finance’s support of Polygon zkEVM will open for users:

Privacy Preservation

By using the cryptographic proof system zk-SNARKs to facilitate private and efficient transactions on the blockchain, Polygon zkEVM ensures details remain private while still maintaining transparency and security. This enhanced privacy is crucial for auction participants, as it safeguards sensitive information and keeps bidding strategies confidential.

Faster Transaction Speeds

Polygon zkEVM significantly improves transaction speeds by aggregating multiple transactions into a single proof, allowing the network to process them more efficiently. This increased throughput leads to a more seamless auction experience, enabling users to place bids and complete transactions rapidly, without delays or bottlenecks.

Lower Costs

As transactions are batched together in zero-knowledge rollups, the cost per transaction is reduced. This efficiency results in lower gas fees for users, making auctions on Bounce Finance more affordable and accessible to a broader audience.

Bounce Finance: A Future-Ready Platform

The integration of Polygon zkEVM showcases Bounce Finance’s dedication to adopting next-generation technologies that enhance user experience and promote growth within the decentralized auction space.

With the strength and support of partners like Polygon, Bounce Finance is building a future-ready auction solution ready to meet the evolving needs of its user base.

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