Bounce Finance Supports Arbitrum For Fixed-Price Auctions
2 min readMar 23


As part of its campaign to make auctions more efficient and accessible for all, Bounce V3 has added support for Arbitrum One to its fixed-price auction feature. Users can now create and participate in auctions on the popular Layer 2 network, which was designed to offer fast, low-cost, and secure transactions for Ethereum.

With the integration of Arbitrum One into Bounce’s fixed-price auction feature, users can benefit from reduced gas fees and faster transaction confirmation times. In addition to making auction participation more cost-effective for existing users, we believe this step will lower barriers to entry for those who were previously deterred by high costs and slow transaction times on the Ethereum network.

The addition of Arbitrum support also opens a whole new range of assets and markets to users at the click of a button. In the Token Auction Pool and NFT Auction Pool sections on Bounce V3, you can now create a fixed-price auction pool and browse existing auctions on Arbitrum One simply by selecting it as your chain of choice.

With the support of the fantastic Bounce Finance community, our development team is constantly working on innovative solutions and user-friendly features to enhance our service. We’ll keep you posted on what lies ahead for Web3’s auction specialist.

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