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Over the past week or so, we’ve been sharing a number of ‘Freelancer Teasers’ about our upcoming new product offering. If you’ve been following these, then you’ll be somewhat better informed now about what Freelancer is, and why it’s so exciting! However we think it’s now time to explain the overall concept in a little more detail and tie together all those teasers in to one place!

Freelancer User Profile

What exactly is Freelancer?

Simply put, it’s a marketplace for ad-hoc digital deliverables. Such a deliverable can be something like artwork, music, textual content or even code. Basically if it can be delivered in digital form, Freelancer caters for it.

What does the workflow look like?

The person who requires a deliverable advertises for someone to deliver, and then the creative community can browse these tenders for work and respond. The requester can then select someone for the contract and funds are sent to that contract ready for release upon work completion.

Now it becomes interesting: most digital content can be delivered as an NFT, which makes it secure, unique and able to be handled completely automatically by the Freelancer platform.

But what if the person delivering the work doesn’t know how to make something as an NFT? No problem — Freelancer does this for you! Both parties can use Freelancer to wrap any deliverable as an NFT in order to take advantage of the features offered by doing so.

Why is wrapping as an NFT a good thing?

Because then the delivery is provable in terms of source and delivery. In the event of any dispute between buyer and seller, if NFT’s were used, there can be no argument that delivery took place and by whom. This also makes it possible for Freelancer to operate in an entirely automated and decentralised way!

Once the delivery takes place and the quality is approved by the requester, the contract releases the agreed funds to the provider.

Communication is Key

We recognise that the key to a successful delivery is good communication between requester and provider, so the platform provides a fully-featured chat-system so that both parties can discuss the work as it proceeds. The provider can share prototypes, drafts etc to ensure the work is being carried out in an expected way, and to share progress.

Sounds great! How easy is it to sign up?

Another thing we recognised was that not everyone is crypto-savvy and we want Freelancer to break down the barriers between digital creatives and the world of BlockChain! To help achieve this goal, login to Freelancer can be done via a number of popular Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This also allows Providers to share their creative content hosted on these platforms with prospective Requesters too!

Only when a contract is accepted and the process proceeds is a crypto-wallet required, and again we will simplify this entire experience for the newcomer.

What currencies are used?

We realise that using Ethereum-based tokens to pay for work is not always practical because of exorbitant gas fees, so we allow many different currencies to be utilised for payment such as Solana, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon and more. This allows both parties to select the cheapest method of payment. Freelancer aggregates all of the micropayments behind the scenes that it earns from the transactions and then purchases Auction token from the market with these funds. These can then be used to maintain the system and reward Auction stakers!

We will release more detail around the full token mechanics and economics soon.

What does it look like?

Here are some new screenshots from the design and from the coded product. These are, of course, subject to change, but should give you a really good idea of the look and feel of Freelancer! We think you’ll agree this is looking great!

Browsing Creators
Connecting via Social Media channels

When will it be released?

The million-dollar question! Well we expect to complete the work in approximately two months. We will then, of course, release further features and enhancements over time from that point onwards!

We hope this ties everything together and now you understand what Freelancer is, what is unique about it and why we are so excited about it! We believe it will represent significant disruption to the Freelance market, bringing features to the space that will take Digital Freelancing to the next level!



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