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6 min readOct 29, 2023

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Bounce Finance Updates: Telegram Bot Launching, Stake Auction Developing & DIP Exchange’s Upcoming Token Sales

The eagerly awaited launch of the Bounce Telegram Bot is just around the corner, set for next week! The Bounce Telegram Bot serves as a proficient assistant, empowering users to create and customize their own Telegram Bots. After crafting their own Telegram bot on Bounce app, a user can create a fixed-price token auction for their Telegram bot, enabling their community to trade in the auction using the bot commands directly within Telegram. Moreover, the Telegram bot creator can track and manage the performance of their Telegram bot on Bounce app, accessing metrics such as daily active users, total transaction amount and number of auction participants. Stay tuned for the launch announcement along with a giveaway campaign!

Meanwhile, Bounce Finance is developing another new product, the “Stake Auction.” This service empowers users to stake a variety of tokens in return for enticing rewards. Notably, among these rewards is the opportunity to secure allocations in Initial DEX Offerings on the Bounce Launchpad. The Stake Auction doesn’t just benefit individual users; it presents a golden opportunity for projects. By collaborating with Bounce Finance through Stake Auction, projects can foster deeper connections and more actively engage their communities, driving mutual growth and enhanced participation.

Bounce Finance and DIP Exchange are teaming up to introduce the fair launch of DIP Exchange’s governance token $DGT on November 1st, 2PM UTC. To purchase $DGT in the upcoming $DGT fair launch on Bounce Launchpad, you’ll need DIP Exchange’s utility token, $DIP. $DIP tokens can be acquired on Baseswap and Equalizer, or through our TaskOn giveaway campaign.

LayerZero Supports wstETH As An OFT On BNB Chain, Avalanche and Scroll

LayerZero’s interoperability protocol now supports the transfer of wstETH, a token from Lido Finance’s liquid staking protocol, across multiple blockchains including Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Scroll. In addition, wstETH has been incorporated into LayerZero’s OFT standard, an omnichain fungible token protocol designed to mitigate the risks associated with wrapped assets in cross-chain transfers. This method involves using a decentralized communication process instead of the traditional minting and burning of wrapped tokens.

LayerZero’s integration aims to expand DeFi opportunities by enabling wstETH’s cross-chain operability beyond Ethereum, encompassing Avalanche, BNB, and Scroll. Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo, the head of DeFi and developer relations at Ava Labs, commented on the significance of ETH in Avalanche’s DeFi space and how combining Lido’s stETH with LayerZero’s OFT can enhance Avalanche’s LSD growth. Furthermore, based on The Block’s data, Lido dominates the liquid staking arena with the highest total value locked, registering a staggering $15.85 billion as of Oct. 25.

Arbitrum Orbit Is Mainnet-Ready

Arbitrum Foundation’s latest announcement about the readiness of its “layer-3” networks through the Orbit program marks a significant leap towards enhancing Ethereum’s scalability. The Orbit program empowers developers by offering them the capability to create their own layer-3 blockchains atop the Arbitrum network. In effect, this move is a critical step in the broader push for the decentralization of Arbitrum, which is a vital layer-2 network on the Ethereum blockchain. As we look at the bigger picture, the introduction of Orbit promises to open new avenues for developers seeking to establish their dedicated chains. This development, coupled with the ever-growing number of chains in the Orbit, holds immense promise for the future of Ethereum’s scalability and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

POL Contracts Are Live on Ethereum Mainnet

Polygon, renowned for its constant innovation, embarks on a significant transformation with the introduction of the POL token on the Ethereum mainnet. This move, integral to Polygon’s ‘2.0’ plan, involves replacing the MATIC token, effectively creating a unified token for all Polygon-based networks. As the Polygon ecosystem undergoes this transition, it marks an essential milestone not just for Polygon but also for the wider blockchain community. The new POL token promises a more cohesive and streamlined user experience, simplifying transactions and operations within the Polygon ecosystem. This transition reaffirms Polygon’s commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain technology and ensuring that it remains accessible and user-friendly.

Christie’s Auction: Marc Chagall’s life-long love of printmaking

Christie’s, the renowned art auction house, is set to host a unique auction featuring artwork that represents the intersection of art and technology, Marc Chagall, Color of Life: Prints and Artist’s Books Formerly From the Artist’s Estate. The sale includes a collection of prints made over the span of six decades. Notably, these prints were offered on the market for the first time and are in remarkably fine condition. This auction reflects the artist’s exuberant palette and joyful subject matter and features lithographs made at the legendary Parisian printshop Imprimerie Mourlot. Among the highlights are early lithographs depicting a Hasidic man wearing tefillin, and a charming scene of a rider resting with his vivid red horse beneath a tree, both populated with characters and animals from the artist’s upbringing. This auction is not just a celebration of art but also a testament to the profound interest in the confluence of literature and visual art, with illustrations for Homer’s L’Odyssée as a prime example. Auction is live until October 30th.

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Bounce Finance is a decentralized platform dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the Web3 space. Established in 2020, Bounce Finance is proudly known for outstanding user experience and seamless integration of blockchain technology in trading both digital and tangible assets. We provide a decentralized auction protocol that empowers users to create and participate in diverse types of auctions on multiple blockchain networks. With a focus on Auction as a Service, Bounce Finance offers a wide range of products, including Token & NFT Auctions, Real-World Collectible Auctions, Ad Space Auctions, and SDK. Bounce Finance also provides Private Launchpad services, an on-chain solution designed to streamline IDOs for new projects.

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