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Bounce Finance Updates: Bounce TG Auction Bot Is Live, $DGT Fair Launch Sold Out, Upcoming Product Bounce Box

On Oct 31th, 2023, Bounce Finance launched the Bounce Telegram Auction Bot. Going beyond the generic offerings of typical crypto bots, the Bounce TG Bot prioritizes customization, empowering both projects and individuals to create their own bots tailored to their telegram community’s needs. Users can effortlessly set up fixed-price token auctions for their bots in four steps on the Bounce app, facilitating trades via bot commands on Telegram. These TG bots support bidding in auctions, token transfers, and performance tracking through the Bounce app. Currently supporting the Ethereum mainnet, we aim to integrate more blockchains soon, broadening the spectrum of trading options for our users.

Meanwhile, DIP Exchange had a successful Fair Launch of their governance token $DGT on Bounce Launchpad. This event was structured as a Dutch Auction, utilizing $DIP — DIP Exchange’s utility token — as the bidding currency. With the starting price set at 90 $DIP and floor price at 30 $DIP per $DGT, the $DGT Fair Launch kicked off at 2PM UTC on November 1, 2023. Impressively, the entire allotment of 250,000 $DGT was sold out within the first 24 hours. Following the auction’s conclusion, all $DGT tokens were released immediately and now available for trading on Equalizer.

Furthermore, Bounce Finance is working on an innovative product called the Bounce Box, designed to satisfy a variety of daily DeFi demands. This pioneering solution will empower both projects and individuals to create their bespoke DeFi space. Stay tuned for more forthcoming details on the Bounce Box!

BNB Chain Launched BNB Safe{Wallet}

BNB Chain has introduced the BNB Safe{Wallet}, a multi-sig wallet service that leverages the Gnosis Safe protocol, now available on the opBNB mainnet, opBNB testnet, and BSC testnet. This service provides a highly secure and user-friendly platform for users to manage their digital assets and transactions with ease.

At the core of Safe’s innovation is the democratization of digital ownership, which encompasses the secure custody of assets, data, and identities through universal and open contract standards. As a leader in modular smart account infrastructure, Safe is creating new possibilities for developers, enabling them to build a variety of applications and wallets. The Safe{Core} itself is a trio of essential components: the Safe{Core} Protocol offering a secure and flexible framework for smart accounts; the Safe{Core} Account Abstraction SDK, providing developers with tools to integrate Safe across different service platforms; and the Safe{Core} API, which serves as the backbone for interfacing with all Safe account-related data.


Nym Will Soon Launch NymVPN

Nym Technologies, a project supported by Binance Labs and Andreessen Horowitz, has unveiled a groundbreaking development set to redefine the landscape of online privacy. In early 2024, they plan to introduce NymVPN, a decentralized VPN solution that integrates a decentralized VPN and a mixnet into the same network. Unlike conventional VPNs that direct all user traffic through a single server, NymVPN distributes traffic across a network of nodes. This approach heightens the security and privacy of online activities, offering users a superior level of protection.

The benefits of NymVPN are extensive. With this new technology, users can expect their online activities to be more secure and discreet, as their data won’t pass through a single, potentially vulnerable server. This decentralized structure substantially reduces the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. Furthermore, NymVPN’s innovative approach aligns with the growing concerns about online privacy, ensuring that users’ sensitive information remains private and protected.

From Nym’s blog

Chainlink Data Feeds Now Live On Linea

Chainlink Data Feeds, a decentralized oracle network offering data solutions for DeFi and other sectors, are now live on Linea, a zkEVM rollup powered by ConsenSys. These feeds enable developers to construct secure applications on Linea, utilizing reliable and decentralized market data among various data types. The integration aims to broaden user access to a thriving application ecosystem rich in features.

Further elaborating on the integration, Chainlink Data Feeds provide an array of on-chain reference contracts, each backed by independent decentralized oracle networks (DONs), ensuring robust security and high-quality node operation. With the native integration into Linea, developers can harness Linea’s scalable zk-rollup architecture to build high-performance web3 protocols with the assurance of Chainlink’s oracle security. The comprehensive coverage, premium data quality, and multilayered security of Chainlink’s infrastructure, particularly for Price Feeds, have already secured vast amounts of on-chain value within DeFi. This development paves the way for creating advanced web3 applications that scale with user growth and increasing total value locked (TVL).

From @LineaBuild on

The Remarkable Discovery: Rex Tholomeus Portolan Chart

A remarkable historical discovery occurred at a Christie’s auction, shaking the foundations of traditional cartography. Initially believed to be a vellum nautical map from the early 16th century, the chart was identified as the Rex Tholomeus Portolan Chart, dating back to the 1320s-1420s. This fascinating finding now stands as the fourth oldest surviving portolan chart of Europe, valued at an estimated $7.5 million. The discovery unveils an exciting piece of history, rewriting historical narratives and captivating collectors, scholars, and museums worldwide.

The potential benefits of this discovery are profound. The Rex Tholomeus Portolan Chart offers a unique window into the past, enabling historians, scholars, and enthusiasts to delve into historical cartography and the knowledge of the time. Beyond its historical significance, this chart presents an exceptional opportunity for collectors and institutions to acquire a valuable and historically rich artifact. The discovery serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of historical knowledge and the treasures yet to be unearthed.

From artnet news

Woof-Worthy Art: Bonhams Scotland’s Canine Collection

Bonhams Scotland is set to delight dog lovers with an upcoming auction featuring an impressive collection of canine-themed artworks and artifacts. The star of the show is John Emms’s masterful painting, “The New Forest Buckhounds,” estimated at £50,000–£70,000. This artwork portrays a picturesque scene of hunters and hounds, celebrating the unique bond between humans and their canine companions. Additionally, the collection boasts an array of other canine-themed artworks and sculptures, promising a diverse range of pieces for enthusiasts and collectors.

The potential benefits of this event extend to both art lovers and dog enthusiasts. The auction provides a chance to own a piece of art that captures the enduring connection between humans and dogs. From paintings to sculptures, these artworks offer a unique perspective on the role of dogs in art and society, allowing collectors to celebrate this cherished relationship in a visual and tangible way. Beyond the art itself, this auction serves as a testament to the timeless influence of dogs on human culture and creativity.

John Emms, The New Forest Buckhounds (1896). Courtesy of Bonhams.

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