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This week we’re introducing XRGB’s upcoming IDO on the Bounce Launchpad, showcasing a novel IDO mechanism. Moving forward, IDOs on the Bounce Launchpad will be exclusive to users who stake $AUCTION on BounceBit. In related news, BounceBit rapidly achieved a $100 million TVL within a week of its early access launch. As of Feb 9, 12AM UTC, BounceBit’s TVL has surged past $120 million, with over $87 million BTC and $23 million $AUCTION staked onchain. Continue reading to discover more about the revamped IDO mechanism on Bounce Launchpad and BounceBit’s remarkable achievements.

XRGB IDO on Bounce Launchpad: Exclusive to $AUCTION Staker on BounceBit

About XRGB

XRGB is composed of two components: the protocol and the blockchain. XRGB protocol is an interoperability protocol designed for Bitcoin assets and layer2s. It aims to improve the liquidity and efficiency of Bitcoin assets via decentralized massage passing and liquid transfer mechanism. XRGB chain implemented XRGB protocol and introduced the enhanced transactional privacy of RGB protocol. It aspires to be the quintessential Bitcoin DeFi layer2, prioritizing scalability and privacy while fostering a vibrant asset liquidity.

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XRGB is soon launching their native token $XRGB on Bounce Launchpad. This $XRGB IDO will be whitelist-only, exclusive to $AUCTION stakers on BounceBit. Here’s how it works:

  • XRGB’s IDO offers a whitelist-only fixed-price auction pool. Each IDO participant’s allocation has a hard cap which is calculated based on their staked $AUCTION amount on BounceBit. The more $AUCTION you stake, the higher your allocation cap.
  • You have the option to purchase up to your full allocation cap, but no obligation to use it all.
  • To ensure fair distribution, our smart contract prevents any single participant from claiming the total IDO token supply, guaranteeing a spread across all stakers.

To learn more about how to stake $AUCTION on BounceBit, check out BounceBit’s official guide.

Follow Bounce’s official X (Twitter) account to stay tuned for the announcement of XRGB IDO’s time and details. The whitelist addresses, along with each address’s corresponding allocation cap, will be announced 48 hours before the IDO starts.

BounceBit, The First BTC Native Restaking Chain, Reached $100M TVL Within A Week After Early Access Launch

Just one week following its Early Access launch, BounceBit achieved $100M TVL, marking a significant milestone in BounceBit’s journey of establishing itself as the first BTC restaking chain and the premier BTC liquidity market. As of Feb 9, 12AM UTC, BounceBit’s TVL has surged past $120 million, with over $87 million BTC and $23 million $AUCTION staked onchain.

BounceBit stands as the first-ever BTC Restaking Chain adopting a unique dual-token PoS Layer 1 approach. BounceBit holds an asset-driven objective to empower BTC holders to generate yield and contribute to network security with their staked BTC, providing Ethereum-like opportunities for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

BounceBit’s Water Margin Event offers early access to staking $BTCB and $FDUSD on BNB Chain (BEP20); $WBTC, $AUCTION, $MUBI, $DAII, $USDT on Ethereum (ERC20). BounceBit’s TVL is securely transferred to the regulated custody of Mainnet Digital and Ceffu, leveraging the trusted transparency of Centralized Finance. Through this CeFi integration BounceBit offers different Funding Rate Arbitrage strategies for whitelist users who deposit at least 1 $BTCB. If you’ve staked over 1 $BTCB on BounceBit, you are eligible to apply for whitelist and start generating yield:

About Bounce Brand

Bounce Brand is a prominent decentralized platform dedicated to delivering: BounceBit, the first-ever BTC staking chain; Bounce Auction, onchain decentralized auctions; BounceBox, an all-in-one Web3 space empowering decentralized innovations on BounceBit — all tailored for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Committed to enhancing Bitcoin’s smart contract functionality, Bounce Brand strives to empower transformative growth within the blockchain landscape.


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