Mar 9, 2021

2 min read

Bounce NFT: breakthrough into Asian market

As one of the biggest trends in crypto, NFTs have been attracting attention from all over the world, including Asia — however, aside from trading NFT-related tokens, adoption of NFTs in the region has been surprisingly low. Why?

The answer lies in the differences between Eastern and Western cultures. The way people are trading digital art, music and gaming items in the west doesn’t seem as appealing to people in Asian culture, who still prefer to deal with tangible objects. They are curious about NFT market, but still want their collectibles attached to the physical goods.

Recognizing this demand, Bounce NFT offers a feature that caters specifically for this market: Point-2-Point custom work marketplace.

Bounce NFT Point-2-Point section connects content sellers and buyers in a unique manner, meeting the needs of Asia-based customers and thus helping spread NFT adoption in the region.

The best way to describe how it works would be by comparing it to Taobao, where users can open shops to showcase and sell their products and skills. Artists and musicians are often offering customized services that people can purchase according to their taste and needs.

We see this model as a unique opportunity for NFT market development in Asia. This is exactly what Bounce NFT Point-2-Point is offering.

On Bounce NFT, people can find interesting shops and purchase customized works: video, music, art. In this scenario NFT itself serves as a vehicle: proof of evidence and proof of receipt of customized work the user has paid for.

We believe that this model will be a good fit for the Asian market, enhancing NFT adoption in the region and becoming the new trend for the entire NFT market.

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