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Bounce Finance has partnered with My Neighbor Alice — a multiplayer builder game developed by Swedish game studio, Antler Interactive. The partnership includes NFT marketplaces integration and gamified financial product initiatives.

Bounce supports different auction mechanisms for token trades on Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain. We have also launched our NFT marketplace where users can create and list unique NFTs, participate in auctions. This marketplace provides an infrastructure for My Neighbor Alice to trade in-game assets and creates an innovative venue for users to explore DeFi use cases in the context of games.

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder-game by Antler Interactive where players build their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities and earn rewards.

Players can design and decorate their lands with different in-game items, or NFTs. These are represented as plants, flowers, trees, buildings or animals, among other things. They also get to experiment with the landscape and use innovative in-game tools, such as an NFT Creator and a Game Builder to make their game experience as unique and special as they want.

My Neighbor Alice includes an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell different game items and NFTs, avatars which allow them to personalize their game characters, an on-chain forum where players get to meet each other and a progressive reputation system which motivates players to upgrade their status in order to get access to exclusive events and NFTs.

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