Bounce Partners with ROCKI

We are excited to announce that Bounce Finance has partnered with ROCKI — a blockchain-based music streaming platform that utilizes NFT’s for royalty income rights. The partnership is aimed at collectively exploring the application of NFT’s in the music space.

ROCKI has recently been covered by various media after dance producer Guy J sold the very first NFT representing 50% of his latest track’s streaming royalties for 40 ETH.

ROCKI is a user-centric music streaming ecosystem that solves the problems of the digital music industry by creating a trustless, low-cost, decentralized music marketplace with near-real-time royalty payments for artists.

On December 23rd, 2020 Bounce will conduct the auction of ROCKS — the ecosystem token of ROCKI which rewards both the artists and listeners.

7,000,000 ROCKS, or 7% of the total token supply, will be placed into three rounds, where only BOT token holders will be eligible for participation in the first round. You can find more information here.

To answer the questions about the partnership, we will be hosting an AMA with ROCKI CEO Bjorn Niclas in the Bounce Telegram community.

Join the AMA on Monday December 21st at 17.00 UTC to find out all about ROCKI and why we have decided to enter into this collaboration.

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