Bounce Presents: Fangible NFT Marketplace & the $1,000,000 Artist Grant Program

San Francisco, April 7, 2021 — today Bounce Finance announced the launch of Fangible — the open marketplace powered by where artists can mint, sell, buy and trade digital items at the lowest fees on the market. The beta version of the platform is currently live at .

Focused on simplifying the journey for the artists, Fangible removes the entry barriers and limitations associated with high transaction fees on Ethereum-based NFT platforms. The marketplace enables artists to create their own brand pages where they can showcase and sell their artworks to the community.

While the first version of the platform is already available for artists and collectors, lots of updates will be coming to Fangible in the upcoming weeks, with a curated version of the marketplace, an NFT fan experience, and the launch of some high profile collections in the works!

The $1,000,000 Artist Grant Program

To celebrate the launch, we are introducing the Fangible Artist Grant Program with $1 million in grants for artists who bring their art or collections and communities to the platform.

We believe that on top of financial opportunity, artists can also benefit from the Bounce DeFi ecosystem and Fangible’s extensive network in the blockchain space. by connecting artist communities to the NFT and DeFi space we aim to create a network effect, which benefits all parties in showcasing their works, be it visual art, music, fan-based collectibles and more.

To apply for the grant you can fill in . The Fangible team will asses your application based on the art itself, community traction and future collaboration potential.

Make sure to follow our social because there are lots of updates coming up!


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