Bounce Presidential Campaign Powered By Binance Smart Chain

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Just like the candidates, Bounce is running a presidential campaign of its very own!

With election season coming to close and the big day just around the corner, Bounce wanted to immortalize the moment for a few lucky winners with some NFTs!

Contract addresses and token ID’s for each NFT will also be posted for the public to view.

The campaign will be lottery style, with 8 NFT’s (4 for each candidate) up for grabs. These Bounce Native NFTs will be issued via the Binance smart chain, and have a unit price of 0.5 BNB per NFT.

Anyone that owns BNB is able to enter into one of the 8 lotteries (there will be one for each NFT) and a final winner will be randomly selected from each draw.

On top of that, the winning side will also receive 1 BOT each. For example, come election day and Trump wins, each of the three Trump NFT holders will also receive 1 BOT token from us!

The loser side fees will also be given to the winners as an additional reward!

The auction runs for 4 days. Each day, a Trump and Biden pool will be created.

For those interested in participating in the auctions, stayed tuned for our upcoming launch announcement tomorrow.

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