Bounce Progress Update 2022 #02
2 min readMar 11, 2022


Hi all! It’s been a while since the last update and now, with so much happening here at Bounce, we have decided to schedule weekly updates from this point on, so everyone knows more about what we’ve been working on, what we have completed, what will be done next and what new developments and innovations have occurred since the last time!

Frankly, for us right now, it’s all about Freelancer (which we will be rebranding soon, btw; more on that in a future update). We have made some key design decisions regarding the product and it’s now very well defined and moving forward. There really is nothing like Freelancer on the market today and so we are breaking some really new and disruptive ground with our engineering of the product.

Here’s what we’ve completed recently:

  1. The User Account subsystem has been completed, including multiple methods of connection. including Email and MetaMask
  2. Binding of the User Account to other social-medium platforms in order that creators can easily publicise their work via Freelancer
  3. The HomePage is complete as well as the ‘Become a Seller’, ‘Offer Services’ and ‘Service Management’ functionality
  4. Portfolio presentation and management is also completed

We estimate now that approximately 40% of the User Interface work is done. Engineering of the work ‘under the hood’ such as NFT packaging, contract management, bidding for contracts etc is ongoing.

We are also now working on the Business Development model for Freelancer and, as previously mentioned, the rebranding. We do have a new name for Freelancer but for now we’re keeping it under wraps — can’t share everything in just the one update!

As you can see, we have been extremely busy — and we are super-excited about the product — it’s becoming something really special and we really cannot wait to share more with you next time! There’s something very, very special about this product that we will share in a future update so keep watching these weekly updates…

And until then, be sure to track us on all social media platforms!

About Bounce Finance

Bounce is a decentralized NFT auction platform that incorporates liquidity mining, governance and staking incentive mechanisms. It provides OTC trading, token sales and NFT auctions on-chain.

In addition to this, our upcoming “Freelancer” platform will disrupt the freelance space allowing completely decentralized transactions to occur between the requirement and delivery of digital content in a secure and unique fashion!

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