Bounce Research: Limitations of Traditional Solutions for AI Agents in Web3

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4 min readApr 10, 2024


In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI development and decentralized ecosystems, Agents emerge as key components driving innovation and efficiency. These intelligent entities, capable of autonomous decision-making and task execution, play a crucial role in various applications across industries. However, their seamless integration and operation within decentralized environments pose significant challenges that demand exploration and strategic solutions.

One of the fundamental challenges lies in the limitations of traditional Layer1 solutions in supporting Agent operations effectively. These solutions, designed for broader blockchain functionalities, often lack the specialized infrastructure and scalability required to accommodate the complexities of modern AI-driven Agents. Additionally, issues related to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and centralized cloud services further compound the challenges, raising concerns about governance, security, and data control. To address these complexities, a deeper understanding of the limitations and potential pathways for improvement is essential.

Limitations of Traditional Layer1 Solutions

Traditional Layer1 solutions, while foundational in decentralized systems, face inherent limitations when it comes to supporting Agent operations. These solutions are primarily designed for transaction processing and consensus mechanisms, with less emphasis on the intricacies of AI-driven functionalities. As a result, they often struggle to provide the necessary runtime resources, data management capabilities, and real-time responsiveness required by modern Agent networks.

Industry analysis on AI development tools sheds light on the challenges faced by traditional Layer1 solutions. These challenges include scalability bottlenecks, limited computational power for complex AI algorithms, and restricted access to external data sources necessary for informed decision-making. Moreover, the rigid structure of Layer1 solutions poses challenges in adapting to evolving AI models and dynamic network requirements, hindering the full potential of Agent networks within decentralized ecosystems.

Issues with DAOs and Centralized Cloud Services

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) represent a promising model for transparent and autonomous decision-making. However, their integration with Agent operations introduces a new set of challenges. DAOs often face scalability issues and autonomous decision-making complexities when dealing with AI-driven Agents that require real-time data processing and dynamic adjustments. In the future, AI Agents are expected to be not only subjects of democratic governance but also autonomous entities capable of self-operation. This requires a robust infrastructure to support the functioning of Agents. A single DAO can only offer features related to democratic governance and fails to meet other needs.

Furthermore, the reliance on centralized cloud services for computational resources and data storage poses risks to the autonomy and security of Agent operations. For Agents in the early stages of development, running directly on cloud service providers can be a suitable option. However, centralized cloud architectures potentially introduces a spectrum of vulnerabilities, encompassing political, legal, and commercial risks. Consequently, for AI Agents aspiring to achieve enduring, neutral, and democratic operational frameworks, the employment of traditional cloud service providers is not an optimized choice.

A Path Forward Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming the challenges posed by the traditional solutions discussed above requires a multifaceted approach. Initiatives that focus on developing specialized Layer1 solutions tailored to Agent needs are emerging. These solutions prioritize scalability, high-performance computing, interoperability with AI frameworks, and secure data management, providing a robust infrastructure for Agent networks to thrive.

Additionally, hybrid models that combine decentralized governance principles with off-chain mechanisms are also being explored to enhance the scalability and governance efficiency of DAOs in the context of Agent operations. These hybrid approaches leverage the strengths of decentralized decision-making while mitigating scalability bottlenecks and regulatory challenges.

Collaborative efforts between AI developers, blockchain experts, governance specialists, and industry stakeholders are essential for driving innovation and implementing scalable solutions. Strategic partnerships, research initiatives, and regulatory frameworks that promote transparency, security, and ethical AI practices will play a pivotal role in shaping a resilient and efficient ecosystem for Agent operations within decentralized realms.


In conclusion, navigating the challenges of Agent operations within decentralized ecosystems requires a holistic and collaborative approach. By addressing the limitations of popular solutions including Layer1, DAO and centralized cloud service providers, the Agent ecosystem can evolve into a resilient and efficient network. This evolution will not only unlock the full potential of AI-driven Agents but also contribute to the broader goals of transparency, autonomy, and ethical AI deployment in decentralized intelligence frameworks. As we continue to innovate and overcome challenges, the future holds immense possibilities for transformative applications and sustainable growth in decentralized ecosystems.

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