Bounce Stores — your own auction space

The first milestone for Bounce Finance is to build a solid auction market that serves the needs for various types of auctions. The auction market provides an eBay-like platform where you can create and post auctions anytime for anyone to participate in. The Bounce auction market is where supply and demand for scarce assets (such as tokens and NFT’s) meet each other, and reach mass audiences.

Now, we are on the road to the second milestone.

Introducing Bounce Store

In addition to a free and decentralized auction market, we have noticed a growing demand for a designated auction space dedicated to individuals or institutions.

We are excited to introduce Bounce store, where you can build your own decentralized auction space and showcase your products, cryptocurrency assets, digital art or any kind of non-fungible token, to a broad audience.

Users can increase the quality, user experience and visibility of their range of assets by configuring various types of auctions to be traded in their own space. For example, digital artists can have their own space where only their own art is showcased and auctioned off.

Launching Bounce Stores in two phases

Phase one: Bounce stores are launched and will be operated in a centralized way. The Bounce team will team up with relevant blockchain builders to create their designated stores. The purpose of this first phase is to gain a better understanding of the users needs and optimizing the general user experience.

Phase two: In this phase anyone can create their own Bounce Store and configure their own auction environment.

Let’s Bounce in Bounce Stores!

Find Bounce here



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