Bounce Token Migration has started! (Important Notice)
3 min readFeb 2, 2021


The AUCTION token contract address: 0xa9b1eb5908cfc3cdf91f9b8b3a74108598009096

The Total supply (Hard cap)of AUCTION is 10,000,000

The swap ratio between BOT and AUCTION is 1:100

There is infinite time for you to swap BOT to AUCTION, so you can swap anytime in the future.

We are glad to announce the start of Bounce token migration. The good thing is, if your BOT tokens are currently deposited in exchange, you don’t need to do anything: we are working with exchanges to automatically migrate tokens from BOT to AUCTION.

Solution One:

Visit and you can see the header with token migration notice:

Click swap now and you can see the pop window

Enter the amount of BOT and click approve to interact with your wallet.

Click swap in the second page of the pop up and your AUCTION token will arrive into your wallet.

Solution Two:

If your BOT is in your external wallet, please follow the instruction below:

The process to migrate from BOT to AUCTION is quite similar to a deposit. You just need to enter the Etherscan and go to “Write Contract”:

Firstly, connect to a Web3 wallet before you start the migration process. You can connect your wallet through Metamask orWalletConnect:

Then you need to execute two transactions to perform the migration:

1. Approve:

This is a required transaction prior to the migration that allows the migration contract to move your BOT tokens to AUCTION. This transaction won’t be required if you perform additional migration actions (unless you revoke the approval).

Go to:

In the spender section, enter the AUCTION token contract address below (you can copy and paste):


In the amount section, enter “-1”

Then click write and interact with your wallet. You will see a view your transaction button showing up after you submit your transaction. Make your the transaction is successfully processed before next step.

2. Upgrade BOT to AUCTION:

This transaction performs the upgrade from BOT tokens to AUCTION tokens. When confirmed, you will have your new AUCTION tokens in your wallet.


Go to “Swap” and enter the amount of BOT you want to swap and you have already approved in the last step,

Then click the + button and choose add 10¹⁸ zero. Click write and interact with your wallet.

Your new AUCTION will arrive into your wallet.

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