Bounce V3 Weekly Development Update

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2 min readJan 15, 2023

We are excited to share that the development of Bounce V3 is progressing smoothly and we can’t wait for its upcoming release (Feb. 7th Early Bird Access & Feb 20th Public Launch). Our team of developers has been working hard to deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly platform every user within the broader crypto industry. Feel free to check out some highlights of our recent development progress below:

  • Our user system has been fully established, providing support for users, enterprises, and institutions in their respective roles.
  • The fixed swap function of our auction system has been successfully implemented.
  • We have made significant improvements to our staking functions to enhance their overall performance.
  • The Binance Connect feature has been added, allowing for direct token purchases on the platform.
  • Our landing page has undergone a redesign to improve user experience.
  • The idea function has been introduced, enabling users and enterprises to submit their own ideas and suggestions on the platform.
  • Our auction contract is currently undergoing an audit process, including fixedswap, dutch auction, sealed bid, and lottery functions.

With new features such as Binance Connect and the addition of an idea function, Bounce V3 promises to bring even more possibilities to our clients. The redesign of our landing page, optimization of our staking functions, and the audit of our auction contract are also a part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the best possible experience for our users. We are excited to share the new capabilities of Bounce V3 and its impact on the Bounce platform.

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