Bounce Finance Weekly Development Update 3/14–3/21
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Bounce Finance Weekly Development Update

Bounce Finance strives to provide a seamless and secure platform for users to engage in decentralized auctions. Lately our team has been working hard on redesigning our website to improve user experience, expand our offerings, and enhance platform security. This week we are thrilled to share our latest updates and future plans.

Web2 and Auction Features Migration to New Website

We are currently undertaking a comprehensive renovation of our platform’s structure and products, while retaining key efficient features to enhance overall functionality. We have successfully completed the Web2 migration to our new website and seamlessly transferred pool creation and bidding features for fixed-price auctions of ERC20 NFTs. Our primary objective is to guarantee a smooth transition for all users and reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional Auction as a Service offerings.

Upcoming Plans for Bounce Finance

1. Redesigning Bounce Finance’s Landing Page

In our ongoing efforts to provide an optimal user experience, we are currently revamping Bounce Finance’s landing page. The redesigned landing page will showcase a sophisticated, modern interface with enhanced navigation and accessibility for users.

2. Testing & Optimizing Fixed-Price Auction for ERC20 NFTs

We will continue to test and optimize the fixed-price auction feature for ERC20 NFTs to guarantee a smooth operation. Our goal is to offer a seamless, efficient buying and selling experience for all users.

3. Migrating Fixed-Price Auction for ERC1155 NFTs to New Website

Following the successful implementation of the fixed-price auction for ERC1155 NFTs on Bounce V3, we aim to migrate this feature to our new website. This migration will further improve user experience and maintain consistency across our platform.

4. Developing Fixed-Price Auction for ERC721 NFTs

In order to broaden our offerings and cater to the burgeoning NFT market, we are currently developing a fixed-price auction feature for ERC721 NFTs. This addition will grant users even more opportunities to buy and sell non-fungible tokens, solidifying Bounce Finance’s position as a comprehensive solution for NFT enthusiasts.

5. Iterating Account Systems for Enhanced Security & Functionality

At Bounce Finance, security is paramount, and we continuously work to enhance our account systems. We plan to iterate on our existing systems, incorporating advanced security features and additional functionality to ensure a safe and secure environment for our users.

At Bounce Finance, we genuinely value our community’s unwavering support and insightful feedback. Please stay connected for further updates as we persistently refine and expand Bounce Finance, driving our platform towards a bright and prosperous future.

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