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Welcome to your very first edition of the Bounce Newsletter! This is where you’ll find your weekly dose of all news from the crypto market and beyond. From the freshest updates from Bounce Finance, to exciting project highlights and some of the most compelling auction news from around the world, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to keep you informed and engaged, transforming our newsletter into your one-stop-shop for updates. So sit back, grab your favorite drink, and join us as we dive into this week’s hot topics.

Revitalizing Auction as a Service: An Inside Look at Bounce V3 Updates

Bounce Finance has recently raised the bar with an exciting upgrade to the Bounce V3 app. The enhancements encompass a user interface redesign, an improved account system, the introduction of private launchpad services, and the debut of two groundbreaking auction types: Playable Auction and Random Selection Auction.

Bounce V3’s fresh user interface stands out with an eye-catching color palette and thoughtful designs tailored to ensure an effortless user experience. At the heart of the interface design lies a clear focus on simplicity, efficiency, and usability. Alongside this, the refined account system empowers users with easy tracking and management of their auction activities. Together, these upgrades work towards Bounce Finance’s Auction as a Service objective, streamlining users’ interaction with the app and enhancing users overall enjoyment and productivity.

Bounce V3 also introduces Bounce Finance’s latest Private Launchpad services. Designed to offer comprehensive on-chain auction support for projects initiating Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), Bounce Private Launchpad ensures a smooth, transparent, and effective launch for every project. With Bounce Private Launchpad, promising projects will have a stage to showcase their potential and raise funds, while investors can access cutting-edge ventures through Bounce’s user-friendly platform.

Another significant update is the Playable Auction, an innovative auction type where the allocation is determined by the participants’ in-game performance. It involves two stages: game competition and token auction. The auctioneer selects a game for the auction, defining key parameters including the total number of game winners, the duration of the auction, the accepted currency and swap ratio of the token for sale. Participants compete in the game once the auction commences, and those who secure top ranks win the eligibility to purchase tokens in the subsequent stage. This entertaining dimension adds a unique flavor to the auction process, making it engaging and enjoyable for users. More information about how to participate in a Playable Auction is available in this article and tutorial video.

Last but not least, Bounce V3 unveils another new auction type: Random Selection Auction. This unique auction type revolves around trading via tickets. The auctioneer sets up parameters such as the duration of the auction and the allocation amount and price per ticket. Participants purchase tickets during the auction, and the winners — who will receive their desired allocations — are randomly selected. Unselected participants can withdraw their purchase post-auction. By introducing an element of chance, this auction type creates a fair and exciting opportunity for all participants, regardless of their bid sizes.

Bounce V3 New UI

PoseiSwap: Reinventing Decentralized Exchanges with Fast, Private, Compliant Trades and POSE Token Launch

PoseiSwap is an innovative decentralized exchange protocol powered by smart contracts, built on a Layer 3 blockchain, the Nautilus Chain. PoseiSwap aims to tackle current limitations of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that hinder mass adoption, such as high transaction costs, lack of privacy, and regulatory compliance issues. By leveraging the power of the Nautilus Chain, PoseiSwap is innovating the DeFi space by delivering a fast, private, and compliant DEX. PoseiSwap’s solution not only accelerates transactions significantly but also enhances transactional privacy using Nautilus Chain’s upcoming zk-tech. In addition, it keeps a keen eye on regulatory compliance, preparing for future legal scenarios in the crypto world.

PoseiSwap is set to introduce its native token, POSE, via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Bounce Finance. The launch initiates a series of planned goals and will unlock numerous ecosystem features. A total of 5% of the overall POSE token supply is allocated for public sale, divided into three tiers:

Tier 1: 0.50% will be unlocked at the Token Generation Event (TGE)

Tier 2: 2.50% — 7-to-18 months of linear vesting

Tier 3: 2% — 13-to-36 months of linear vesting

The POSE token offers two primary utilities. Firstly, holders can stake their tokens for varying durations to obtain a derivative token, sPOSE (staked POSE), used for governance activities. Secondly, the generated sPOSE tokens allow holders to vote on DAO proposals within the PoseiSwap ecosystem. Additionally, POSE tokens have potential applications in yield farming and a referral program.

Here’s a great news for all early birds: PoseiSwap’s IDO waitlist is now open! Follow this step-by-step guide to join the waitlist on Bounce V3 and secure your spot in the upcoming IDO.

PoseiSwap IDO on Bounce V3

veSync: zkSync Decentralized Exchange Launches $VS Token & DApp

veSync, a next-generation Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the zkSync network, introduces a superior DeFi experience by merging liquidity, voting, and rewards. Its speed, cost-effectiveness, and unique ve(3,3) incentive model enable democratic voting, permissionless pool creation, and fee rewards for ve lockers, making it a trailblazer in the DeFi landscape. Utilizing zkSync’s zk-rollups and zero-knowledge proofs, veSync offers efficient transactions at reduced costs, mitigating scalability concerns prevalent in Ethereum-based platforms. Moreover, veSync’s carefully designed reward and emission system ensures fair distribution, promotes strategic voting, and incentivizes early protocol engagement, fostering a robust and sustainable DeFi ecosystem.

veSync has recently launched the $VS token generation event (TGE) and their innovative Dapp. Here’s what veSync offers to their early supporters:

Furthermore, veSync announced partnership with Bounce Finance to explore new horizons together. By combining veSync’s cutting-edge DEX platform with Bounce’s expertise in decentralized on-chain auctions, both projects aspire to deliver innovative solutions and unmatched DeFi experiences for users. Stay tuned to see what this partnership brings to the table!

veSync announces partnership with Bounce Finance

Kava 13 Mainnet Launch & Rome Labs’ Upcoming Lending Protocol on Kava

Kava is a popular Layer-1 blockchain that offers robust security, seamless interoperability with other blockchain networks, and a high-speed infrastructure. The highly anticipated Kava 13 mainnet was launched on May 17th, packed with fantastic enhancements that empower your DeFi journey. Here’s a brief overview of Kava 13 mainnet’s key benefits for Kava protocols and users:

  • Kava EVM 2.0: Kava is introducing its upgraded EVM 2.0, which enhances performance by optimizing full node software and expanding hosting providers. This upgrade ensures faster transactions, less downtime, and accelerated data processing, offering a significant boost to performance.
  • Seamless Cosmos-Ethereum bridging: Kava 13 features an internal bridge for seamlessly transferring native Cosmos assets to protocols on Kava EVM, eliminating the need for third-party middle-chain bridges. This innovation aims to unlock liquidity on both Cosmos and Ethereum, enriching the utility of wallets, dApps, and assets.
  • Advanced vault control: Kava 13 upgrades the Strategic Vault, offering more control and flexibility to the community. This enhanced functionality allows Kava DAO to manage its treasury, deploy resources across the Kava ecosystem, control liquidity supply, and facilitate asset swapping and portfolio diversification.

Last week, Kava made an exciting announcement: Rome Labs, the creators of a top-tier money market on Avalanche, is developing a unique lending protocol exclusively on Kava. Anticipation builds as we eagerly await further details to unfold!

Kava official website

Equilibria Finance: Unleashing Maximum Potential in DeFi with Innovative Yield-Boosting and Successful $EQB Token Launch

Designed exclusively for $PENDLE holders and liquidity providers, Equilibria Finance offers an easy-to-use platform to maximize your profits. By leveraging the veToken/boosted yield model from Pendle Finance, it provides LPs with a boosted yield and rewards PENDLE holders with ePENDLE, a tokenized version of vePENDLE. Inspired by the fast swing of a pendulum at its equilibrium position, the point of maximum kinetic energy in the system, Equilibria Finance is on a mission to help you achieve your maximum potential. This platform, led by a team of DeFi OGs with years of experience in the industry, is customized and optimized for Pendle Finance. With their community’s support, Equilibria Finance plans to extend their platform to other leading protocols in the future.

$EQB is the governance token of Equilibria Finance, and the total supply will be 100,000,000 with over 70% allocated for incentives and community. Equilibria recently rolled out their initial DEX offering via their website in two phases from May 22nd to May 26th, raising a total of $388,282 USDC during the whitelist sale. The public sale saw an overwhelming response within the first six hours, crossing the $750,000 mark and surpassing the initial price gauge of 0.1 USDC. This impressive support led to the swift fulfillment of the soft cap. The IDO wrapped up a day early, meeting the hard cap of 0.2 USDC and raising a total of 1.5 million USDC. Equilibria is now conducting a second round of audits to ensure a smooth and secure launch. The EQB token is expected to be available for claiming in early June.

Equilibria Finance has recently announced plans for their Mainnet launch which is scheduled in early June after the release of their second auditing report. For a detailed insight into what’s in store with Equilibria’s mainnet launch, please read this article.

Equilibria Finance official website

BlockVision’s Indexing API and SuiVision’s Enhanced Launch: A Leap in Blockchain Data Accessibility and Analytics

BlockVision is a leading provider of data infrastructure and enterprise solutions in the blockchain and Web 3.0 domains. Their real-time, decentralized indexing and syncing system ensures the availability and accuracy of data, making it a reliable source for users.

Last week, BlockVision announced the launch of their highly anticipated Indexing API. This API aspires to equip both developers and users with smooth access to significant data about NFTs and coins on the Sui Network, facilitating the extraction of specific details with ease. Harnessing the potential of the Indexing API, users and developers can obtain information concerning account collections, particulars of individual collections, top holders, NFT lists, and coin holders. More details about the key features and benefits of the APIs can be found here.

SuiVision, the premium explorer within the Sui Ecosystem developed by the BlockVision team, has recently launched its enhanced Version II in light of the Sui Mainnet launch. Designed to provide users with sophisticated analytics and an upgraded user experience, SuiVision’s new features encompass enhanced transaction details, comprehensive coin lists, overviews of NFT collections, detailed transaction blocks, information on validators, and informative network activity stats. The user-friendly design and commitment to real-time data make it an essential tool for navigating the Sui network. To learn more about SuiVision, please read this article.

SuiVision website

Global Auction News: The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection: Temple of Wings Hosted by Christie’s New York

Christie’s New York is presenting The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection: Temple of Wings, a series of auctions commemorating the couple’s remarkable renovation of their Berkeley Hills estate, formerly owned by Florence Treadwell Boynton and featuring a Greco-Roman-style home. The live auction on June 14th brings together exquisite fine and decorative arts, showcasing influential figures in architecture and design such as Charles Robert Ashbee, A.W.N. Pugin, and William Morris.

Continuing the celebration, The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection: Aesthetic Decoration from Temple of Wings is an online auction that focuses on the impact of the 19th-century Aesthetic movement and the Gettys’ shared passion for the pure beauty of visual arts. This auction highlights innovative techniques and the use of materials developed throughout the 20th century.

Concluding the series, The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection: Early Modern Design from Temple of Wings presents an online auction that features captivating works reflecting the evolution of design during the early 20th century. Noteworthy items include glassware by Émile Gallé and Daum, textiles from Fortuny and Silver Studio, as well as remarkable pieces from Tiffany Studios.

Explore these auctions and delve into the captivating world of The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection, where art and design converge to create extraordinary visual experiences.

The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection: Temple of Wings Hosted by Christie’s New York

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