Strengthening the Community

I am surprised by the enthusiasm of the Bounce community and I am thankful for all proposals.

The intention of our token design was to incentivize people to use bounce pools and get benefits from it. We did not raise money nor dump all of our team tokens to the market. I know this token mechanism has flaws such as wash trading, but to be honest I thought we can improve our token economics gradually when we launch more types of pools and governance.

Community Voice Voting 2 Result

I previously made a policy change to mitigate the effect of wash trading for token rewards during cycle two, but farmers work even harder with higher costs. Since most community members raise questions on daily reward emission, here are the fresh proposals:

  • We will stop emission from August 7 00:00 UTC to August 8 00:00 UTC

During this time, you can still create and participate in pools as usual. For now, I look forward to seeing the launch of our governance.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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