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It’s summer time! I honestly think people should spend more time with their families during the weekend, so let's get to the points straight away.

First of all, congratulations to all projects and individuals who successfully created pools and got rewarded from Bounce. I watched and participated in some auctions myself with many community members. To be honest, I think there is still a lot of room for improvement for from user experiences to design mechanisms. I am not shameful to admit because a product can only get better if people use it and give feedback. Then I requested our community admin to create a survey to collect opinions and suggestions. I call this survey soft governance and I think this is the most efficient way to gather information and improve the bounce platform (We are not going to wait until governance board to improve user experiences).

Based on feedback, I am going to make the following product updates:

  1. A new interface for bounce pools
    As I said, Bounce will always be permissionless. We cannot prevent scams because anyone can create pools, but we display information in a much clearer way.
  2. BOT staking for transaction fee rewards
    I will write another post about staking in more details
  3. BOT reward distribution mechanism
    Starting August 10 UTC 00:00, the number of transactions will be counted towards daily reward distribution if the value of the transaction is greater or equal to 1 ETH.
  4. A new feature in creating a bounce pool
    A pool creator can choose to open a pool to BOT holders ONLY. This should be available next week.

See you next time!

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