Crypto Journey for the Next Year

Ever since we launched Bounce in the middle of 2020, we observed the growth of the on-chain auction sector from infant to now a matured one in decentralized finance protocols (DeFi). Being one of the pioneers in the on-chain auction space, Bounce’s mission is not just to maintain and develop our position but also to innovate in crypto space. New Year’s resolutions’ time is coming and we would love to share our vision and roadmap for the coming 2022.

1. Further development and innovating of decentralized auctions

From the very beginning we worked on permission-less auctions, which is a kind of public network where anyone can create his own or participate in any existent auctions while staying anonymous or pseudonymous. Decentralized auctions provides equality to every participant and includes numerous validators, enhancing the security. The growth of the on-chain auction industry introduces new ways of auctions (e.g., LBP), so we will keep innovating and adding different types of auctions to our platform, and thus provide more options for people to use.

2. Upgrading decentralized OTC

Being a DeFi platform, the aim of our team is to provide a suite of products that can maintain the entire crypto cycle. Over-the-counter markets (OTC) are those where trading happens directly between two parties, without intermediation of a central exchange or any third party. Now, during the bull market, auctions are in huge demand, but OTC trading is of essential use during the inevitable bear market. Bounce OTC v1 is still functioning and we will work with OTC desks to upgrade our OTC protocol and adopt decentralized OTC to wider use. “When market condition is bad and illiquid, there will be more over-the-counter trading activities”. We are prepared for any scenario.

3. Launching freelancer platform with NFTs features

The success of crypto games and the transition from real world to metaverse have demonstrated that there is a huge amount of people who are eager to receive some additional income from crypto. Crypto economy has already become an additional layer of real world economy and is already used to facilitate labor payment. Bounce has already started to develop the freelance platform equipped with auction tools and based on permission-less peer-to-peer economy. That means that users can cooperate with each other with little to no intermediation by third parties. We are creating the platform where customized demands will be fulfilled by freelancers across metaverse. Furthermore, the completed orders will be delivered as NFTs! Bounce freelance platform will bring real world productivity and efficiency into metaverse.

Let’s change the world together.

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