Development Update: Metaverse City

Hey Bounce Fam!

Today we are writing to update you all, once again, on what we’ve been working so hard on over at Bounce! Last time we “spoke”, we gave you all a better idea of our vision for the future of Bounce and how each part of our ecosystem (Metalents, Fangible, (Redacted), and the Auction Protocol) would be pieced together as development of our Metaverse continues. Well, today we’d like to give a brief update regarding the development of Metaverse City: the next integral peice of our vision in creating a fully immersive suite of decentralized marketplaces.

Since our last update our developers have been working especially hard on a City Map Navigation System and Character Controller Settings for our Metaverse experience. In doing so, we hope to make the virtual experience as “fluid and realistic as possible”, while also making the world a user friendly and easy to navigate landscape.

Within Metaverse City, developers have also been working to design several distinct zones, each with their own theme and and purpose. Zones currently under development include: The Central City Map, an area for Blockchain Gaming, an Art Gallery, and our unique Metaverse “Playground”. Users will be able to navigate the three dimensional experience with a complimentary, and customizable, avatar as well!

The game area is the space our team is most excited on and, if you haven’t picked up on our clues from our latest update and Twitter posts, it will be a prominent feature of our upcoming, (unnamed), project. Currently, most of our focus outside specific of general Metaverse development has been concentrated here. This project will be centered around giving each Bounce user their own, personal “on-chain” rooms. The room will be given to users free of charge and will be tokenized as standard ERC-721's. As it pertains to Metaverse City’s game area, rooms can be used to host & customize interactive blockchain based games. However, rooms will not be limited to just hosting and playing games but will ultimately be the home of various different immersive experiences including ones based on our current suite of products: Freelancing, NFTs and Decentralized Auctions.

Rooms within the “game area” can be designated as “public” rooms for anyone within the Metaverse to access and play or, “private” ones, where access is restricted to only certain users. Recently, our team has been designing an interactive and customizable API for our “Coin Toss” game- this will be the first game we release. Hope you are as excited as we are for the release of Metverse City!

🚨Don’t Forget: The beta version of Metaverse City is currently LIVE and ready for you to explore! 👇

Link to Metaverse City Beta:

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