FM Gallery To Launch Auctions and Special BSC Blindboxes on on April 23

We are excited to announce that Bounce is partnering up with FM Gallery to host the NFT platform’s first auctions as well as Special Blindboxes catering to the Binance Smart Chain community. Sealed-bid auctions featuring the artworks by renowned artists Chad Knight, Shan Qiao and Macomoroni will start on on April 23rd (8pm UTC+8).

FM Gallery is an NFT distribution platform that enables users to collect digital art fragments and redeem them for physical artworks, connecting the NFT space with the real world.

As a part of FM Gallery’s debut on Binance Smart Chain, Special BSC Blindboxes — “surprise” NFTs with outstanding artworks inside — will include two offerings, “Legends — Tales from the future” and Artist Exclusive Collections.

All artworks from auctions and blindboxes will be available for trading on

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