How Participate in NFT Lottery Auction on Bounce Finance

Umbrella Network will auction off 400 NFTs. Each NFT holder will be airdropped 5000 UMB tokens by the Umbrella team after the lottery. This means that auction winners will not only get Umbrella NFTs, but also UMB tokens.

Umbrella Network will airdrop 5000 UMB tokens when the clock greets the Year of the Bull (Cow)!


Time: UTC 2:00PM Feb 9th, 2021

Lottery Sale time length: 1 hour

Number of Lottery pools: Two Pools

Trading pair: ETH

  1. Visit

2. In the active sale, find Umbrella Network auction and click “Join auction” when time starts. Make sure you enter the right auction pool that you are qualified to participate in. There will be a whitelisted pool and a BOT holder pool.

3. Once you join the pool, you will see the information about the lottery.

4. Click “Go” and interact with your wallet to enter into the draw.

5. Once you are in the draw, you will be notified and your ETH will be sent to contract until lottery results are announced.

6. When the lottery is finished, you will be notified whether you are a winner. A winner needs to claim his NFT back into his wallet, while non winner needs to claim their original principle back.

Find Bounce here

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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