Instruction for Bounce pool participants

To help users onboard our platform, I would like to explain how to participate in a bounce pool in details:

  1. Use Chrome to go to the website:
  2. Connect your wallet and opt for MetaMask
  3. In the search area, search for the pools you want to participate in. Be careful to join a pool because some pools’ names might be very similar, always double-check the pool information before making a bounce.
  4. Check the pool’s information and status: “Live” means the pool is live and “closed” means the pool is finished.
  5. Check the pool type: There are two types of pool.
    Fixed swap bounce pool has the same swap rate across pool live time. This means you get the same swap ratio regardless of your time of participation in a pool.
    Dynamic swap bounce pool does not have a swap ratio for the pool. The swap ratio will be based on the amount of A tokens pool creator puts and the amount of B tokens participants put when the pool closes.
  6. After checking all information about a pool and feeling good, you can JOIN the pool. You will be directed to a pool interface where you will see progress and time left.
  7. The progress load bar shows how many tokens have been swapped at the time and how far is it to the maximum. You should send your amount of tokens you want to swap based on the progress.
  8. Then you may enter the number of tokens you want to participate and initiate transactions through Ethereum.
  9. The rule is based on first come first serve orders, so you will get swapped if your tokens arrive within the Max limit. It should take some time before the website gives you a result of your success on the swap. The time it takes depends on Ethereum network traffic.
  10. You will receive a “you are in” message on the website if you successfully swap your tokens, but you will receive a “bounce” message if you do not get into the swap.
  11. For a fixed-ratio pool, you will receive your swapped tokens right after your transaction gets confirmed and it is automatic. For dynamic ratio pool, you will receive your swapped tokens when the pool is finished. You need to claim the tokens by clicking the “claim the tokens” button.

12. If you send your transaction to the pool and there are no swap allocations anymore, your transaction will be bounced and you will receive your principle back.

Send me a message on medium or twitter if you have more questions.

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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