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3 min readFeb 21, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Bounce V3 is officially live and available to the public at The launch of Bounce V3 marks another significant milestone in the development of Bounce and introduces our Auction as a Service offering. At Bounce, our objective is to empower users by providing an easy-to-implement plug-in that seamlessly integrates with their websites to run their own decentralized auctions efficiently with minimal disruption to their typical user experience.

Three Types of Users: Individual, Company and Institutional Investor:

Bounce V3 offers three types of user accounts to fulfill different needs. Individual account is suitable for individual investor, DeFi user, freelancer, project founder, etc. Company account serves all stages of commercial ventures, from early stage startups to more established businesses and projects. Institutional investor account is designed for insurance companies, funds, endowments, commercial trusts, banks, etc. When signing up on Bounce V3, each user will be asked to select the type of account that fits their path before proceeding to create an account.

User Registration and Verification Process:

The centralized account management system of Bounce V3 allows users to sign up and log in using an email address or through Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. A Web3 wallet is not required unless users decide to engage in the DeFi interactions on the platform. Once logged in, users will be able to create their profiles.

Bounce V3 also adopts the feature of assigning verified accounts, each with a verified badge. Some verified accounts have been created for prominent companies and are listed in the Company section under “Top Companies”. The companies listed there are welcome to sign up and claim their verified accounts, which will then enable them to edit their profile information. For individual accounts that want to be verified, it is recommended to log in through LinkedIn. Once a user has verified their identity on LinkedIn, the operations team will review and verify their account on Bounce V3.

DeFi Interactions and Features:

We strive to present a variety of DeFi activities on Bounce V3 for users to explore the power of decentralization. Fixed swap auction, also known as fixed price auction which is a type of auction where the price for the assets being auctioned is predetermined and agreed upon by the auctioneer and participants, is now available on Bounce V3 supporting Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. Users are enabled to participate in existing auction pools and they can also create their own fixed swap auctions through connecting a Web3 wallet, selecting a token and setting auction parameters. Bounce V3 also introduces a “regret functionality” which allows participants to place and withdraw their bids at any time during the auction process. In the Token section users can stake the AUCTION token and engage in the governance of Bounce V3 through snapshot. Other features, such as browsing and proposing startup ideas, looking up and following other users, can also be found on Bounce V3 to enhance user experience and establish a sense of community.

Roadmap and Product Updates for Bounce 2023:

Following the successful launch of Bounce V3, we have outlined our key development roadmaps and product updates for 2023:

1. Auction vertical integration: Our developer team at Bounce is currently in the process of migrating additional existing auction types to V3, including dutch auction and sealed bid auction where the UI is completed.

2. Auction horizontal integration: Bounce is expanding its support to more EVM and non-EVM chains, including zkevm and MOVE, enabling auction toolings to operate on more infrastructures.

3. Auction innovation: Bounce continues to explore and develop more auction types, including order book auctions and Gamic auctions.

4. Auction deep tech: Bounce aims to launch an Auction web plugin and Developer SDK by the end of 2023, enhancing auction functionality on every website.

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