Introducing Bounce V2

Back in mid 2020, Bounce Finance made a splash in the DeFi industry by launching the first platform for decentralized auctions. It has been widely successful, with over 6,500 auction auctions pools and 700,000 ETH in transaction volume. Our commitment to the values of decentralization have caused major issues, including the growing number of scam projects.

Although we can’t interfere with the pool creation process, we decided to make certain adjustments that would make it easier for users to filter the projects. They became the foundation for Bounce V2 — the decentralized auction platform of the next generation.

While Bounce V1 can be compared to eBay, where anyone can sell any ERC20 token, V2 is the Google of decentralized auctions. Instead of an open list of auctions, on the front page of the platform users will see a search bar that will enable them to smoothly navigate the available auctions.

We also acknowledge that auctions are the most in-demand tools for the bull market, but don’t necessarily meet the requirements of the bear market conditions. That’s why we are excited to introduce Bounce OTC — the brand new feature that allows you to buy and sell any ERC20 over-the-counter at attractive price, without limits or slippage.

Get started at — it’s live!



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