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A Multistage Management and Logistics Platform built using a “Hybrid” Defi Infrastructure Approach

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5 min readOct 14, 2022

Bounce development ideology

At Bounce we strive to promote innovation, sustainability and continuity in everything we do. When it comes to development, we constantly keep a pulse on the ever changing demands of the greater web3 and blockchain markets, exploring the potential for novel product offerings along the way. In order to build a truly sustainable platform, and the brand that goes along with one, we feel that building products which suit the evolving market is a must. Today, we find ourselves in a radically different crypto landscape compared to when Bounce was initially founded,as reflected by the changing needs of users at all levels: from individuals to institutions.

As it stands today, Bounce has built four distinct pillars of product offerings, each meeting the different demands of companies across the industry. In the early days of defi, many projects sought to build tools and features that would facilitate broader industry development. These products and applications were often original and innovative at first but were ultimately forked and repeated in a way that fragmented and diluted their initial value adds. Today’s application layer landscape is fragmented and often full of dapps that do not provide comprehensive user experiences. We see this as a major opportunity for Bounce, especially considering that as most industries mature there tends to be a mass period of “resource reallocation” and a broader integration of platforms. It is during this time when the “super-applications” and platforms that drive future market cycles are built. With our full suite of web3 products, each consolidated under Bounce and fully integrated with one another, Bounce is in a unique position to be a truly complete defi platform solution for all of web3’s users across a variety of different chains.

What have we built?

Our main offerings under Bounce consist of the following four products: Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction platform, Bounce Fangible, an NFT marketplace and toolkit solution, Bounce Metalents, a web3 freelance marketplace, and The Bounce Metaverse, a virtual world which will consolidate each of our platforms under one, fully immersive “roof”, if you wll. Each of the four platforms we’ve built provide different tools and features to serve not only individual users but also larger companies across the industry. On top of that, our ecosystem of products has been built with not only the present demands of users but also ones we anticipate will be valuable for users in the future. At Bounce we like to say: “narratives come and go but the products providing real utility for decentralized finance users are here to stay”, this is regardless of current, momentum driven narratives which is why we have not lost faith and continued building throughout the difficult market conditions. We know that with our powerful suite of products that Bounce will be well positioned to capture and fuel the next wave of defi users.

The problem we identified

The birth and subsequent evolution of decentralized finance has been a fascinating innovation to watch unfold. Products like automated market makers, decentralized auctions and on-chain lending & borrowing have brought about an entirely new way to go about traditional finance. However, almost all of these functions are merely “tool-based” applications, meaning the market is fragmented with repetitive, single function products. This makes establishing & keeping track of reliable, on-chain reputations for projects and individuals an extremely challenging task.

Users today are still unable to truly understand the character of the “trustless” tokens, companies and users they interact with across the fragmented networks of tools. This gap in information has been quite costly for users and the industry as a whole, leading to malicious attacks and destructive on-chain interactions. Instead, we propose that these products be housed together within one ecosystem, providing not only a safer defi environment but also a better experience for users.

We also realize that a “complete’’ defi experience is quite difficult to provide; bringing the utility of crypto to web2 and tradfi users has been an incredible challenge for the industry as a whole, despite the enormous potential benefits cryptography can provide for society. Users are very reluctant to get started in crypto given the constant headlines of hacks, stolen funds and various other exploits, not to mention the generally fragmented and confusing user experience. Ultimately, these issues have made joining the space as an outsider a difficult proposition, stifling both industry adoption, user acquisition and the promise of web3.

A new era for Bounce — Introducing Bounce V3

Bounce V3 will introduce a new era for Bounce as a multi stage management and logistics platform with an emphasis on personal and project development with tools built for individuals, companies and institutional investors across all realms of defi.

Product offering divisions:

1. Information Board: Companies can post their own information on our platform, including ideas, company information, etc. If it is a company that has not yet established a startup, it can simply publish its ideas. Individuals can create self-portraits of themselves, similar to linkedin. Investors or institutions may publish their own information and investment goals.

2. Talent Exchange: Companies and institutions can post their full time recruitment or freelance opportunity under their profile. Individuals can explore and apply for jobs and tasks.

3. Company Tools (Auction, M&A & NFT): Different cycles of a project will use different tools, the Auction, M&A and NFT we do are all similar tools. Companies or individuals can host these things under their own profile.

4. Cap Table Management: Companies that issue tokens will be able to use Bounce’s infrastructure to manage their shareholders and token table

Bounce V3 infrastructure:

Bounce V3 uses a hybrid infrastructure that incorporates a centralized account management system and a decentralized application and tool access system. Users will be able to login and sign up for the platform without a web3 wallet using traditional methods of doing so (by email, phone number etc). Decentralized access is only needed when users decide to utilize the defi components of the platform. We strongly believe that a hybrid infrastructure brings the benefits of traditional infrastructure and blockchain together, ultimately maximizing users adoption and usage.

Going forward, we will continue to update our community with the latests development progress and launch updates regarding V3 & the Bounce ecosystem of products.

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