Introducing Multi-type Auction and the First BOT Sale

First and foremost

The goal of Bounce is to provide different types of auctions for individuals and projects. I have successfully launched our fixed pool type and the platform reached more than 800 ETH in swap volume on the launch day. I am very excited, motivated, and thankful. As I mentioned, BOT is the platform token for and you can check the utility of BOT in the token economics article.

Alright, back to business…

I have looked at ways to conduct sales for team tokens and I am not satisfied with all existing models. So I am going to create something new and I name it multi-type auction token sale.

My goal is to enable all types of auctions on Bounce and I will integrate them gradually to the platform. For experiment and engagement purposes, I will conduct team token sale with every type of auction we introduce. This means the team token sale will be a gradual process and it is largely based on types of auctions we build on Bounce.

I am going to conduct the first experimental BOT sale with a fixed swap auction. I will make an announcement through twitter and telegram channel with:

  1. Pool name and wallet address for the sale
  2. Pool running time limit
  3. Bounce level
  4. Swap ratio

Stay tuned and DYOR!

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An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.

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