KSM Crowdloan Staking is Live on Bounce!

2 min readJun 11, 2021


The wait is finally over —now that Kusama Parachain Slot Auctions dates are revealed and participating projects started their crowdloan campaigns, you can stake KSM in support of your favourite parachains via https://ksm.bounce.finance.

While some campaigns are available on centralized exchanges, Bounce is the first marketplace out there that enables you to stake KSM for Kusama crowdloans in a completely decentralized way.

There are currently 7 crowdloan campaigns available on Bounce: Karura, Khala Network, Darwinia, Shiden, Polkasmith, Crust Shadow, and Moonriver. It’s up to you to decide who is deserves to win one of 5 parachain slots! To learn how to participate, please see our quick guide below:

How to stake KSM for Kusama Crowdloan Campaign

  1. If you haven’t already, install Clover Wallet (or any other wallet that supports Kusama Chain) and make sure you have some KSM ready to stake.
  2. Go to https://ksm.bounce.finance. The website will ask to connect your wallet.
  3. Choose the project you would like to support and press Stake KSM.

4. Enter the amount of KSM you would like to stake. Read terms and conditions, then Sign and Stake.

5. Success! You will now see your staked balance in the dashboard.

Find Bounce here

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