Metalents: Bounce’s new Freelance Platform!
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We are so excited to finally unveil what we’ve been working so hard on over at Bounce this past year. Today is the day! 💫☄️

Introducing, Metalents: The Web 3.0 Hub for Freelance Talent!

Metalents is a freelancer marketplace designed specifically to fit the needs of the Metaverse. Everything on the platform has been built with the intention to provide a viable Web 3.0 freelance marketplace with the Web 2.0 user in mind. Simply put, we’ve built a platform that has all the benefits of being built on the blockchain except with the user experience of a traditional, more centralized application!

⭐ What inspired the team over at Bounce to found Metalents in the first place?

We started out at Bounce building a decentralized auction protocol. Broadly, Bounce was built to be a marketplace like Ebay. Even as we scaled our Auction platform, we realized the target audience in Defi was small. Doing an auction using our protocol, only so many users could realistically participate. If we wanted to build a marketplace using our platform that would gain mass adoption, we needed to move beyond the Defi sector and explore other sectors of high demand. When we look at the Metaverse, it is clear that the potential target audience ismuch larger than that of Defi.🔥

Furthermore, there is also a no labor marketplace in Crypto like there is in Web 2.0. Web 3.0 has OpenSea, but we don’t have a labor marketplace used to source specific talents and works for crypto and the metaverse natively. In addition, we want to focus on crypto and metaverse because traditional freelance marketplaces are already very mature — competing with them directly, at this stage of our development, is unrealistic. We know our speciality and know where we can have a competitive edge.

NFT Proof of Delivery Receipt (more on this later👇)

💻Biggest problems facing traditional freelancing platforms today?

Firstly, traditional freelancing platforms serve across many different industries and aren’t industry specific. This can be quite overwhelming for people requesting work, especially within the crypto markets. We, on the other hand, are much more in tune with the niche Crypto market, and better understand what’s in demand, categorizing our marketplace as such.🧑‍💼

Secondly, there are many artists who are looking to get into the metaverse and crypto but don’t have a clear gateway in. These artists realize that there is lots of money to be made in spaces like NFTs but it is challenging to get noticed. Because they are not among the elite .01% of networked blue chip artists, they won’t benefit from this whole trend like the artists who have the luxury of launching successful NFT projects with large marketing and development budgets. The way they can benefit is by doing customized work, which allows them to earn money more quickly and reliably than by taking the risk of working for a piece of an unproven NFT project in such a competitive market; there’s no way to know if your project will blow up and make a lot of money. Capitalizing on your work is not a sure thing if you are paid in equity. Being paid for deliverables instead, on the other hand, freelancers will be able to serve the rest of the crypto market and achieve more steady, reliable payment for their work. 🎨💵

NFT Minting Page

We see Metalents as a platform that will truly “flip the market on its head”. Why take the risk of trying to build and launch your own NFT project and brand given how difficult it is to attract attention in the competitive market? With Metalents you can now ,instead, fulfill the needs of others in the space and get paid for your work in a more reliable and consistent manner?🔥

Thirdly, traditional marketplaces collect all data; there’s no way to know if artists or freelancers are truly legit unless they display it on their profile. For Metalents, this is where blockchain technology is so important. The blockchain allows Metalents to record all of a freelancer’s past works and job profiles on-chain. People looking for talent on Metalents will be able to look through all the past work of a potential artist before hiring them, all verified by the blockchain, as opposed to a centralized company. On Metalents the data can be trusted because it’s permanent and time logical. No more rug pulls!

How does Metalents solve these issues?

Unlike traditional freelance marketplaces, we focus on Crypto, Blockchain and the Metaverse. We categorize all the tasks in very crypto native and specific ways.🕹️

We are also planning to bring all freelancer data on-chain so that it’s more transparent and accessible for anyone to check a freelancer’s reputation. This allows people to verify freelancer data on-chain as opposed to trusting company data or going in blind with little sense of an artists or freelancer’s portfolio of works.

Metalents is an open market. This means that our platform has no KYC or Know Your Customer rules in place. Users can immediately join the workforce and start completing projects without giving away their valuable personal data. Users of the platform can also be paid in crypto. This means that regardless of where in the world you are, you don’t need a bank account to be paid. Metalents serves the unbanked and those unwilling to fulfill the stringent traditional KYC rules.🤯🌐

Log in with your Web 2.0 credentials or your Metamask!

Lastly, Metalents is a Crypto and Web 3.0 native platform built to feel like a Web 2.0 one. The whole process is seamless, and you don’t need to know anything about crypto wallets or anything to get started- we help with that!

🙋Why would a FREELANCER choose Metalents over Web 2 alternatives like Upwork and Fiverr❓

From what we’ve observed, Crypto and Blockchain works are very overpriced because people know how excessive the amount of money in the space is. The salaries in Crypto are much higher than traditional art jobs and gigs. We think that traditional freelancers will be able to benefit from the higher wages that the crypto economy offers by getting paid more for their work than they do on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Metalents also issues Freelancers NFTs for each task they complete. This makes using the platform a good way for freelancers to organize their work while also building up their reputation. Because the artists own the issued NFTs, they won’t have to rebuild their reputation from the ground up if they switch platforms like they would if they switched from Upwork over to Fiverr for example or if they wanted to work for a different company etc. Suddenly their reputation is on-chain, tangible which can really help them launch their career and build their reputation.🗂️

Metalents is also a great gateway for non Crypto Native freelancers to learn and better understand the Web 3.0 industries if they have an interest in doing so!

Order Page

❓Why would SOMEONE LOOKING FOR TALENT look to Metalents for work🙋

First, Metalents is a Crypto-focused platform which makes it much easier for Crypto Native companies to navigate and source talent. Instead of going on Fiverr and trying to request work from freelancers who don’t understand what you are requesting for.👨‍💻

Second, most Crypto companies raise their money in USDT or USDC stablecoins and other major cryptos. We will offer payments in these major currencies and stablecoins which makes the process easier as its all kept on-chain or within the crypto ecosystem.🤑

Third, we will issue an NFT for each work purchased as proof of receipt, which can be used in any way they want,even monetizing them. Companies or requesters now own the work- verified by the NFT- NOT the artist. As a requester of freelance talent on Metalents you will own the rights to the work the freelancers complete for you and have an NFT to prove it.🔏

How exactly does freelancing on Metalents work? 📜

The process works in two ways:

As a freelancer, you can create a profile with your skills and projects you are willing to do: “Will to do a poster for $50” or “can do branding for $40/hour”. Then, a company or requester is able to search Metalents and come across your profile and look at your past works which have each been verified by the chain. If they like the work and chose to hire you for, say, your poster work they will pay the $50 which will then be deposited into a smart contract which essentially acts as an escrow between the two parties, unlocking once the work is finished. Once the payment is made, a live chat will be started and last until the project is done, allowing the two parties to communicate and customize the work. Once you complete the poster and confirm it’s finished, the contract will be unlocked. The requester will get his work of art wrapped as an NFT, and the freelancer will get the payment and his NFT receipt.🧾🧾🧾

If there’s a dispute about the job, it can be raised before the finished job is confirmed and receipt is minted. The dispute process will start in a manner similar to that of Fivver or Upwork for now, eventually this will work in a more decentralized manner like a DAO.⚖️

On the other hand, let’s say you are a company who doesn’t want to search for a freelancer or aren’t interested in any of the available freelancers on the site. You can go onto Metalents and post your job on to the Metalents job board. Freelancers can then browse the job board and search for jobs they deem desirable and negotiate prices using the chat function before agreeing on a job.🤠

Sellers Wallet

How does the blockchain aspect of Metalents enhance the freelancing experience?

Smart contract- First and biggest is the escrow. Users on Metalents will send money as a deposit while freelancers work on a job. This ensures that a freelancer can’t run off with your money before completing the work in a quality manner.🛡️

Use of NFTs- There will be a freelancer NFT and purchaser NFT (pair of NFTs) minted after completion for each job which can be used in many different ways.

Payment- will use stable coins and crypto to process purchases, no bank account, KYC, or knowledge of crypto wallets needed🤯.

Will the blockchain integration make Metalents more difficult to use (TX costs, slow waiting times)⁉️

NO! Account structure is similar to that of a central exchange like Binance or Coinbase. It may cost a bit to deposit crypto (varies by chain but Metalents is multi-chain) into the site but it is free to withdraw funds. Users are assigned a new wallet with a unique address.📪

Metalents is also cross chain, users won’t need to use a bridge for their funds. Users will have the option to pick which chain they want their NFT minted on. We’ll subsidize the minting cost for all chains other than ETH.🔥

Any plans to incorporate more aspects of Web 3 into the Metalents experience?💡🤔

Metalents is working to create a metaverse filled with various different workshops where artists’ previous works will be displayed and users can interact with one another and request work. Metalents wants to bring this workshop aspect to the platform because there isn’t much of this in the current metaverse. Doing so adds a whole other layer to the metaverse, not just buying work but contracting them to make something for you while gamefi-ing the process. If you are a Metalents freelancer we will assign you your workshops within the Metalents metaverse for free! 📺📺🌎🌎

Bounce Finance

Metalents’ impact on the Bounce Ecosystem & the AUCTION token’s utility?💱

Bounce’s main focus will now be on Metalents going forward. The Bounce Finance and Fangible side of the ecosystem are more self-sustaining at this point — revenue will still be generated on existing sites but they won’t be a main focus of the company.🔝📈

$AUCTION Token will now be a multiplatform one receiving utility from all branches of the Bounce ecosystem. AUCTION will be used as a service token. As a customized service token, AUCTION will be the currency used within the platform to promote work, listings, freelancer profiles etc… For many in-app transactions, users will have to use AUCTION as payment which gives the token some serious on-platform utility. Metalents will also charge a percentage of the service fees which will go to AUCTION stakers.💸😃

🚨Coming Soon: AUCTION token incentive structure for Metalents users- get rewarded for using Metalents with AUCTION!

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