Revolutionizing Web3 Security: Bounce Brand Partners with Salus to Enhance Bitcoin Ecosystem Protection

Bounce Brand
2 min readJan 30, 2024

In an innovative move for the Web3 community, Bounce Brand is excited to announce our partnership with Salus, a leading web3 security company known for its research-driven approach. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize ecosystem security, leveraging our combined strengths.

Through this partnership, Bounce Brand will introduce an array of exciting perks to our community, including ZK Integration advisory and security grants, tailored for projects within the Bounce ecosystem. This initiative represents a significant step in bolstering our security and fortifying our platform against potential threats in the digital world.

Our collaboration with Salus aligns with our objective to enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem. By leveraging Salus’s expert security services, Bounce’s Bitcoin-focused innovations will gain enhanced protection, thereby bolstering the resilience of both the BTC ecosystem and the broader Web3 space.

Bounce Brand and Salus are deeply committed to this partnership, recognizing the critical need for comprehensive security measures in the ever-growing web3 domain. Our joint efforts aim to set a new benchmark in ecosystem security, ensuring safety and trust for both developers and users.

Keep an eye out for further announcements as Bounce Brand and Salus roll out these exciting developments, ushering in a new era of security in Bitcoin operations.

About Salus

Protect | Discover | Redefine.

Salus tackles the most complex security challenges through scientific research and pushing the boundaries of Web3 security.

Current scope of business;

- Smart Contract Expert Audit (0 REKT)

- Web3 Penetration Testing (100% Success Rate)

- Salus Science (Multidisciplinary Research Unit)

- Customized Development (Holistic and Secured Solution)

- ZK Solution (Only Universal Solution in the Market)

Protect | Discover | Redefine.

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