Salus Security Brings Enhanced Security Solutions for Projects on Bounce

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2 min readJan 18, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil that our security partner, Salus Security, will be providing professional security services to the Bounce network. It’s not secret that security breaches have been a major concern in the crypto industry. This is true for any blockchain network or Dapp, including Bounce. To combat this issue, we believe that all projects should undergo a thorough security audit before making their services available to the public. That’s why we are excited to introduce Salus Security, a leading cybersecurity service provider with expertise in both blockchain and traditional security. Their deep understanding of security will greatly enhance the level of protection for projects running on the Bounce network especailly as we approach the launch of Bounce V3 in February.

When it comes to decentralized finance (DeFi) on Bounce, security and user experience are of paramount importance. Having a security audit performed by a reputable firm like Salus Security is a key step in ensuring that projects on the Bounce network are safe and reliable for users. This process involves a thorough examination of a project’s code and architecture, identifying and addressing any potential vulnerabilities.

Not only does this provide an added layer of protection for users, but it also instills confidence in the project, which in turn leads to a better overall experience. With the DeFi landscape being a relatively new and rapidly evolving space, it can often be confusing and dangerous for users. Having projects on the Bounce network go through a security audit can help alleviate these concerns, giving users peace of mind when interacting with the platform.

In summary, security audits are an essential step in building trust and providing a safe and seamless user experience for projects on Bounce’s DeFi ecosystem. Salus Security’s partnership with Bounce will be a major factor in making sure that projects on the platform are secure and user-friendly, while providing a layer of protection to the end-users.

About Salus Security: Salus Security is a full-service blockchain security company. They possess a wealth of knowledge in both blockchain and traditional security, making them well-equipped to tackle the most complex security challenges in the industry and make security services accessible to all. Learn more about Salus Security on their website and on Twitter.

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