SatoshiVM Launches $SAVM On Bounce Launchpad

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3 min readJan 17, 2024

Bounce Brand is thrilled to partner with SatoshiVM, a Bitcoin ZK Rollup Layer 2 solution. Together we’re presenting the launch of SatoshiVM’s native token, $SAVM, on the Bounce Launchpad. The launch is scheduled to take place from Jan 18, 00:00 UTC to Jan 19, 00:00 UTC, offering two auction pools for participants — A Random Selection pool and an Initial LP Revenue Offering pool. Let’s delve into the logistics of SatoshiVM and the details of the $SAVM Token Launch.

Introducing SatoshiVM

SatoshiVM is a decentralized Bitcoin ZK Rollup Layer 2 solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem, using native BTC as gas. SatoshiVM bridges the EVM ecosystem with Bitcoin, enabling the Bitcoin ecosystem to issue assets and develop applications.

SatoshiVM possesses the following technological features:

  • ZK EVM: SatoshiVM is a versatile ZK Rollup that employs EVM for off-chain computations. This implies that users can interact with SatoshiVM in a manner similar to interacting with Ethereum, and developers can build on top of SatoshiVM just as they would on Ethereum.
  • ZK Rollup: SatoshiVM utilizes Rollup technology to bundle multiple transactions into a single batch and validate them on the Bitcoin main network as a single transaction. This ensures the same level of security as the Bitcoin main network, guaranteeing data validity and availability.
  • ZK Fraud Proofs: SatoshiVM utilizes technologies such as Taproot and Bitcoin Script to perform on-chain verification of contracts without altering the consensus rules of the Bitcoin network, thereby accomplishing the computation of fraud proofs.
  • Data Availability: SatoshiVM must release transaction data on the Bitcoin main network, enabling anyone to verify the correctness of computations executed off the Bitcoin main network.
  • BTC Native Gas: SatoshiVM employs native BTC as gas for the EVM. Similar to ETH OP Rollup / ZK Rollup Layer 2 solutions that use ETH as gas for Layer 2, SatoshiVM utilizes BTC as the gas for EVM transactions.

$SAVM Token Launch Details:

SatoshiVM’s $SAVM Token Launch on Bounce Launchpad promises an exhilarating experience, featuring two pools that will go live simultaneously.

  1. Random Selection Round: Randomly selected winners will receive $SAVM tokens.
  • Time: Jan 18, 00:00 UTC ~ Jan 19, 00:00 UTC
  • Launchpad Page:
  • Total Value: $20K / 800 $AUCTION
  • Total Supply: 420,000 $SAVM
  • Ticket Price: $100 = 4 $AUCTION per ticket
  • Winner Amount : 200 tickets
  • Max Entry Amount : 30000 tickets
  • Token Allocation per Ticket: 2100 $SAVM

2. Initial LP Revenue Offering (ILO) Round: Randomly selected winners can claim weekly rewards in ETH and $SAVM after the token launch. This innovative ILO model offers continuous earnings generated from $SAVM’s AMM LP trading fees.

  • Time: Jan 18, 00:00 UTC ~ Jan 19, 00:00 UTC
  • Launchpad Page:
  • Total Raise: $250k / 10000 $AUCTION
  • Ticket Price: $250 = 10 $AUCTION per ticket
  • Winner Amount : 1000 tickets
  • Max Entry Amount : 20000 tickets
  • LP Revenue Token: $ETH & $SAVM
  • Revenue Claim Time: Every Sunday

*Participants who don’t secure a win have the option to claim full refunds, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

$SAVM Tokenomics

Total Supply = 21M $SAVM

  • 30% Liquidity
  • 36.5% Ecosystem growth: Dedicated to different airdrops and incentives for the ecosystem. Unlock 5% per month
  • 15% Contributors: Locked for 6 months then vested lineary over 3 years
  • 15% Bootstrapping: 10% — A total of $200,000 was raised in a round at $2M FDV. 50% unlocked on TGE, 3 months cliff then monthly vestings. 5% reseved for technical and marketing advisors
  • 2% Bounce Launchpad IDO
  • 1% APE terminal IDO
  • 0.4% Mubi farming pool
  • 0.1% BSSB farming pool

SatoshiVM’s Roadmap

Testnet 2024 Q1

✅Testnet Launch

✅Blockchain Explorer Launch

✅Bitcoin — SatoshiVM Bridge Release

✅EVM — SatoshiVM Bridge Release

SatoshiVM Lite 2024 Q1

  • Yellow Paper Release
  • SatoshiVM Lite Release
  • Blockchain Explorer Launch
  • Bitcoin — SatoshiVM Bridge Release
  • EVM — SatoshiVM Bridge Release



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