Scarcity of Resources

As usual, first thing first

It seems the early product has been well received. I’ve got many comments and suggestions. I am grateful.

Now, let me clarify first: there is a roadmap that I am going to follow rather diligently and the fixed-rate swap auction pool is only just the start. My focus now is not to fight BOT scam addresses and make people buy BOT easier. This platform is created for decentralization and decentralization embraces scams. To prevent these scams, governance will eventually kick in and make anti-scam policies. That is the whole point of Bounce. My focus is to build more types of auction pools, improve user experiences, and start the governance board as soon as possible.


Now, let’s talk about listing. In economics, there is a notion called scarcity of resources and this is the first principle when I build There is a limited amount of resources in each pool: the time limit and the amount of tokens available to swap. I am not saying I do not appreciate bonding-curve which brings about “infinite” liquidity. I am saying the product shares different values with that of Uniswap. I think things should be more competitive and we should respect the economics principle of the Scarcity of Resources.

I did not list BOT or start a liquidity pool on Uniswap or Balancer (I guess some community members did?). The notion is when you receive BOT daily reward from your “hard work”, you are able to sell your BOT by opening a bounce pool. People can sell higher or lower for any amount they see fit. A marketplace is where many have opportunities to be their own “bosses”; in another word, owning their own pools and selling their tokens. The sense of belonging is essential to each pool creator and to the success of this project.

I will never beg any centralized exchanges to list BOT. Of course, they are welcome to, but I hope the liquidity speaks for itself.

Speak soon!



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