Bounce Token Transparency Report
2 min readOct 29, 2020


In this article, Bounce looks to provide a transparent look inside our BOT token.

Firstly, the important details:

Token Symbol: BOT

Contract Address: 0x5beabaebb3146685dd74176f68a0721f91297d37

Total Supply: 100,000 BOT

Using this information, you can use a block explorer like Etherscan to verify our information, as well as see the most up to date supply (after token burn events).

Circulating Supply: There are currently 28743 BOT circulating, or a little bit over a quarter of the max supply. (As of date of writing)

Token Distribution and Lockup

There are four main areas where BOT can be found:

  • Transactional Mining
  • Governance Vault
  • Team and Investors
  • Staking

Transactional Mining has 23256 BOT remaining in the contract ( Currently transaction mining is paused and the tokens are locked.

The governance vault maintains its position of 25,000 BOT with tokens locked up and managed by multisig signers. (

For the team and investors (, a total of 22827 BOT is locked up according to this schedule: since September 4th, tokens have been locked and will unlock based on this timeline:

25% unlocked at TGE, with an additional 25% unlocked every 4 months after that.

From the circulating supply of 28743 tokens, 6383 tokens are staked in staking contract (Balance can be seen in real-time here 0x98945bc69a554f8b129b09ac8afdc2cc2431c48e)

Token migration

Please check everything about token migration here:

The AUCTION token contract address: 0xa9b1eb5908cfc3cdf91f9b8b3a74108598009096

The Total supply (Hard cap)of AUCTION is 10,000,000

The swap ratio between BOT and AUCTION is 1:100

There is infinite time for you to swap BOT to AUCTION, so you can swap anytime in the future.



An experiment. Decentralized Auction. Swap or get bounced.